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MBA rankings are often a key determinant for deciding on an MBA program. Outlets like The Financial Times, Businessweek, and The Economist regularly publish rankings of MBA programs, Executive MBA programs, part-time MBA programs, and even online MBA programs.

When looking at rankings information, be sure to take methodology into account. For most reliable MBA rankings, a number of factors are taken into account. Some metrics that are commonly used include post-graduation salary, international mobility, acceptance rate, application statistics (such as GMAT scores or GPAs), and other post-MBA career factors.

Some outlets publish general MBA rankings, while others also include rankings for specific career specialities, such as rankings of MBA programs in Finance or Supply Chain Management for example.

On FIND MBA’s interactive ranking map, you can see what business schools are ranked by The Financial Times (FT), The Economist, and Bloomberg’s Businessweek. Below the map are links to various  MBA  ranking sources.

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Global MBA Rankings

Financial Times Global MBA 2020
Bloomberg BusinessWeek US 2019
Bloomberg BusinessWeek European B-Schools Ranking 2019
Bloomberg BusinessWeek Canadian B-Schools Ranking 2019
Bloomberg BusinessWeek Asia-Pacific B-Schools Ranking 2019
Economist Full-Time MBA 2019
Financial Times EMBA 2019
BusinessWeek EMBA 2013
Economist EMBA 2020
Bloomberg BusinessWeek Part-Time US 2015
Financial Times Online MBA 2020

Other Global MBA Rankings

Besides the global MBA rankings published by outlets such as the Financial Times, there are also a number of other specialized business school rankings that look at MBA programs, globally.

The magazine Corporate Knights publishes the “Better World MBA Ranking,” which looks at the best graduate business programs that integrate sustainability into their curriculums.

Until 2012, the Aspen Institute published “Beyond Grey Pinstripes,” which ranked business schools based on social and environmental impact. This ranking is no longer being published.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s Institute of Higher Education annually publishes its “Academic Ranking of World Universities.” In it, it ranks schools according to subject, like Business Administration.

MBA Rankings - USA

One of the primary publications ranking MBA programs in the US is Bloomberg Businessweek. On an annual basis, Businessweek publishes a variety of business school rankings, including the top full-time MBA programs in the US and the top part-time MBA programs in the US, as well as a ranking for non-US programs.

In the past, Businessweek has also published an Executive MBA ranking.

Another publication ranking MBA programs in the US is The Economist, which publishes full-time MBA and Executive MBA program rankings.

The publication US News and World Report also publishes rankings. Their Best Business Schools feature ranks business schools overall, and also features specialty rankings.

The news magazine Forbes also publishes rankings every two years, and it also focuses on US-based business schools.

MBA Rankings - Canada

News publication The Global and Mail publishes an annual listing of MBA programs in Canada. Please note that these are not rankings per se, but alphabetical listings of MBA programs offered throughout Canada. Maclean’s also publishes rankings of universities in Canada, but this publication does not rank business schools or MBA programs.

MBA Rankings - United Kingdom - UK

Each year, The Guardian publishes its League Table for Business, Management, and Marketing, as part of its broader University Guide.

Likewise, The Times’ Good University Guide is published annually.

MBA Rankings - Europe

Each year, the Financial Times publishes its European Business School Rankings, which measures the combined performance of European business schools across the various other rankings published by the FT. These include MBA rankings, as well as EMBA rankings, Master in Management rankings, and rankings of non-degree executive education programs.

For MBA programs in Germany, Handelsblatt has in the past published rankings of the country’s business schools.

MBA Rankings - Asia

Although in the past, Forbes has published a top list of the best business schools in China, it no longer does so.

Likewise, Asiaweek used to publish a ranking of Asia’s Best MBA Schools, it has not done so since the year 2000.

For India specifically, Business Today publishes an annual ranking of India’s Best B-Schools.

MBA Rankings - Australia / New Zealand

There are not many reliable rankings of MBA programs in Australia / New Zealand. One publication to look at would be the Australian Financial Review, which ranks the best MBA programs in Australia each year

 FIND MBA has published a list of the Top 10 MBA Programs in Australia

Online MBA Rankings

Since 2014, the Financial Times has published a yearly Ranking of Online MBA Programs, which currently lists 10 programs, primarily from business schools in the UK and the US.

For US-based business schools offering Online MBA programs, each year, US News & World Report publishes a relevant ranking.

Likewise, in 2017, the Princeton Review launched its first ever ranking of US-based Online MBA programs.

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