MBA Frequently Asked Questions


Where Should I do my MBA?

"Where should I do my MBA?" This is a question that many applicants ask themselves. For some, it makes sense to stay locally, while others might find better opportunities (or just a great adventure) somewhere else.

You can do your MBA locally

Many people decide to do their MBA where they are already living. This option is good for those who are generally happy where they are, and don’t need international experience. It can be also easier on the budget, as tuition for residents can be less expensive than for non-residents; for some there may not be the added expense of relocating.

People who are generally happy with their career or just want an edge in their current job might consider doing a part-time MBA or an online MBA program, which can be adapted to the needs to working professionals.

You can do your MBA to gain international experience

In an increasingly globalized world, many people find that having international experience gives them an edge in business. Doing an MBA in another country can help with this, in that students are able to spend a year or two abroad building their international business skills.

For example, non-native English speakers often decide to do their MBA in the UK or the USA to help with their language skills. And MBA programs which offer internships or consulting project components can allow students to experience the business world in another country first-hand.

You can do your MBA where you want to work

Some people use an MBA as leverage to move to a country where they want to live and work. For those who want to move elsewhere, an MBA can provide some of the necessary ingredients, such as networking opportunities, and connections to local businesses. However, people who want to move to another country need to be conscious of issues like language, visa availability, and culture, all of which can complicate the transition.

Some MBA rankings list schools in terms of “international mobility,” based on the percentage of graduates who end up in a different country from where they are from.