University of California, Berkeley - Haas School of Business

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2220 Piedmont Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94720-1902
United States

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Programs at UC Berkeley - Haas


119,478 USD
21 months
Corporate Social Responsiblity
Energy and Clean Technology
Global Management
Health Management
Social Sector Leadership
Real Estate
  • Tuition reflects estimated costs for non-Californian residents
Application Deadlines
April 5


36 months
  • Evening students take classes twice per week
  • Weekend students attend classes on Saturdays in both Berkeley and in Silicon Valley
  • Tuition based on 42 units
Application Deadlines
March 7

Executive MBA

19 months
  • Classes meet every three weeks on Thursdays through Saturdays
  • Program includes a study trip to Shanghai
Application Deadlines
February 6

Dual Degree

36 months
  • Program focusses on different regions or countries by providing internationally-oriented topical, language, and area study courses from departments and schools across UC Berkeley.

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