Top 10 MBAs Worldwide For Return on Investment (ROI)

Pursuing an MBA is a significant investment in one’s career and personal growth. Therefore, prospective students often seek out MBA programs that not only provide a high-quality education, but also offer a compelling return on investment (ROI).

Below, we identify 10 of the best MBAs worldwide for ROI, making them attractive options for would-be MBAs seeking to maximize their earnings potential and gain good value for money. We explore factors such as tuition costs, average post-graduation salaries, employment outcomes, alumni success stories, and unique program features that contribute to the overall value and ROI of each MBA.

Amherst, Massachusetts 12 Followers 24 Discussions

Studying at the Isenberg School of Management for an MBA can be a sound investment for several reasons. Tuition and fees amount to just $34,353, a relatively affordable sum. The program also helps students secure competitive salaries: three years after graduation the average pay is $131,266, a 188 percent increase on what students made before embarking on the MBA at Isenberg.   

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Gainesville, Florida 56 Followers 79 Discussions
Florida - Warrington - Hough

The tuition fees for the MBA at the Hough Graduate School are a lowly $25,000 for in-state residents ($60,000 for non-residents), thereby increasing the potential ROI. The program can enhance the value of students in the job market. Within three years graduates increased their pay by 127 percent to $135,921.

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Paris cedex 11, France 10 Followers 83 Discussions
ESCP - Paris

Several factors contribute to the MBA program’s ROI at ESCP. With its strong presence in major European cities, ESCP can provide access to diverse job opportunities and enhance earning potential. The average salary for alumni three years out is $130,888, a 95 percent increase on their pre-MBA pay. The fee is €47,000 ($51,400).

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Provo, Utah 22 Followers 40 Discussions
BYU - Marriott

BYU’s MBA program is often known for its relatively affordable tuition compared to many other top MBA programs: $60,304, or half that amount for members of the Latter-day Saints Church. This lower cost can contribute to a higher ROI. Additionally, students make a hefty salary of $141,100 three years after graduation, a 139 percent rise.

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Athens, Georgia 14 Followers 27 Discussions

Georgia is generally known for its relatively lower cost of living compared to many other states, and this can contribute to a more favorable ROI. The career outcomes are solid: three years after graduation, MBA alumni from Terry College raise their salary by 140 percent to $131,014.

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Milan, Italy 70 Followers 211 Discussions
SDA Bocconi

SDA Bocconi is widely recognized as one of Europe’s top business schools. Its reputation can positively impact the credibility and career prospects of its MBA graduates. The average salary after three years is a weighty $192,815, an increase of 124 percent on what they made before starting the program. The tuition fees are €75,000 ($82,000).

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Richardson, Texas 33 Followers 41 Discussions
UT Dallas - Jindal

The school's reputation in business education and rankings in various publications can positively impact the perceived value of the MBA degree in the job market. Approximately 96 percent of graduates are employed after three months. In three years, their pay goes up by 117 percent to $130,808.

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Nice, France 30 Followers 152 Discussions

EDHEC offers competitive tuition fees compared to other top MBA programs -- €51,000 ($55,800) -- making it an attractive option for those seeking a strong ROI. The school also offers comprehensive career services to support students in their job search and career development. Three years out, the average salary is $130,039, up 77 percent on pre-MBA earnings.

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Dublin, Ireland 35 Followers 133 Discussions
UCD - Smurfit

UCD’s MBA program is a cost-effective choice for prospective students who want a good ROI: the fee is only €36,760 ($40,200). Being located in Dublin, Ireland, UCD offers proximity to numerous multinational companies, which can lead to lucrative job opportunities. Alumni are making $Q115,468 on average after three years, 74 percent more than before the MBA.  

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Shanghai, China 0 Followers 0 Discussions

Being located in Shanghai, one of China’s major financial and business hubs, SUFE offers a strategic advantage for networking and potential job opportunities. Alumni earn a hefty average salary of $181,274 within three years of gaining the MBA, which is a huge 207 percent increase. Tuition is 170,000 CNY ($23,800).

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