Top Business Schools for Industrial Management and Manufacturing 2023

There’s a growing demand for MBAs in Manufacturing and Industrial Management: after all, these sectors are huge (and growing) parts of the global economy, and need managers that are knowledgeable about topics such as supply chains, finance, and global management—all aspects that students are exposed to during an MBA degree.

Although many students enter business school with some experience in these sectors, the best MBAs in Manufacturing or Industrial Management can help grads successfully land high-caliber jobs in these fields.

These MBAs often cover a variety of topics relevant to those looking for jobs in industry, such as automation, industrial analytics, global business management, finance, and others. 

For those interested in the manufacturing and industrial management fields, MBA students can pursue related functional concentrations like operations management or supply chain management. Also, a small number of business schools around the world offer specialized MBA programs in either manufacturing or industrial management.

Post-MBA careers in these sectors can include everything from an operational manager at a chemical plant to a logistics coordinator at an electronics manufacturer.

West Lafayette, Indiana 20 Followers 82 Discussions
Purdue - Krannert

The school’s roots are in industry: it was called the “School of Industrial Management at Purdue University” until the mid-1970s. Its industrial pedigree is still obvious from recent placement statistics: upwards of one-third of some recent classes have gone into the manufacturing industry. The school also offers a Master of Science in Industrial Administration.

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Shanghai, China 38 Followers 78 Discussions
CEIBS - Shanghai

Over 11 percent of the CEIBS MBA class of 2021 went into the manufacturing industry. In recent years, CEIBS graduates have gone onto lucrative careers in manufacturing-heavy firms, such as 3M, Ford, and General Electric. The school hosts the CEIBS MBA Industrial Products and Services Club, where students can learn about industry and connect with relevant professionals in the field. 

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Cleveland, Ohio 9 Followers 13 Discussions

Weatherhead's Cleveland, Ohio location puts the school in a manufacturing-heavy region of the country. The school’s Operations department has published a range of research in the field, and in 2016 the school launched a Leadership Lab for Women in Manufacturing, which provides training to women in the field. Of the class of 2021, some 14 percent found jobs in the manufacturing field.

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Esslingen, Germany 40 Followers 46 Discussions
HS Esslingen

Through a range of practical and theoretical curriculum, the school’s MBA in International Industrial Management prepares students for a range of roles in manufacturing. It’s one of the few European MBAs specialized in the field, and leverages insight from the area’s strong automotive industry.

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St. Gallen, Switzerland 44 Followers 142 Discussions
St. Gallen

Students have done hands-on MBA projects or have landed jobs with large European manufacturers like Siemens and Schindler. In some recent years, upwards of one-quarter of the graduating MBA class has gone into the manufacturing sector.

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Barcelona, Spain 49 Followers 245 Discussions
ESADE - Barcelona

In recent years, upwards of 20 percent of the school’s MBA graduates landed jobs in the industrial sector. On-campus recruiters include large manufacturers like General Electric.

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Boston, Massachusetts 27 Followers 31 Discussions
Northeastern - D'Amore-McKim

Although the school does not offer an MBA concentration in Manufacturing, it does place many students in the industry. For instance, upwards of 17 percent of recent MBA classes have gone into the field. Those interested in the manufacturing may choose to pursue the school’s MBA concentration in Supply Chain Management.

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Tempe, Arizona 26 Followers 65 Discussions
ASU - Carey

In the past, over one-quarter percent of some Carey’s MBA classes went into the manufacturing sector, to firms like Applied Materials and Henkel Consumer Goods.. Students interested in breaking into the field can pursue relevant electives in the MBA program’s Supply Chain Management concentration.

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East Lansing, Michigan 20 Followers 58 Discussions

The school's specialization in Supply Chain Management includes some relevant curriculum, like a course in “Manufacturing Design and Analysis.” Usually, somewhere between 25 to 30 percent of the school’s MBA grads go into the manufacturing sector. MBAs who are interested in hands-on experience can do so through the school’s Demmer Center for Business Transformation, which works with local manufacturing firms to help them stay competitive.

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates 13 Followers 61 Discussions
SP Jain - Dubai

While SP Jain does not offer a specialized MBA concentration in Manufacturing or Industrial Management, those interested in the fields might consider pursuing the Global MBA program’s specialization in Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management. In recent years, up to one-quarter of the school's MBA classes have gone into the manufacturing industry, snapped up by firms such as Zespri, Coca-Cola, and Cummins, among others. 

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