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The MBA in International Industrial Management takes 1.5 years (3 semesters) to complete. Classes are small, highly international and have lecturers from abroad and from the industry. We are strongly sponsored by the German state, allowing us to offer students world-class education at an affordable rate: Students receive an MBA valued at over 30,000 euros for less than 4,000 euros! We are also a DAAD premium member. DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) is the German national agency for the support of international academic cooperation.

Thanks to our dedication to meeting current industry needs, our MBA program keeps abreast of industrial change and responds to the needs of the industry for highly-qualified, international talent at management level. We work closely with many renowned companies in the Neckar Valley, such as Bosch, Festo and Daimler. Our industrial and corporate partners include: Audi, Behr, Bosch, Con Moto, Daimler, Deloitte, Eberspächer, Festo, Frech, Kärcher, Kreissparkasse, Modine, Porsche and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

The Esslingen MBA was last re-accredited in 2007 by the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA). Our Corporate Partners:

Student Testimonials:

"A choice I would definitely take again!"

- Peer Breusing, Assistant Purchasing Manager, Bosch GmbH, MBA 2005

"Your investment in the Hochschule will pay off handsomely ... the chances for interviews and a great career are very high... The Hochschule Esslingen has given the students a great opportunity and a great head start over other graduates so use it to the maximum."

- Michael KOCH, ASM 2010, now Development Engineer for the Chevrolet Volt electric car, General Motors, Michigan

"Some companies have collaborations with universities and some have their own education centers... they make the students ready for the job and they accept these students rather than students who are "from outside". In this point appears the importance of the internship... I want to thank Hochschule Esslingen for supporting internships and provide facilities the students to shape their future in a good direction."

- Tugba DOGAN, DDM 2010, now Truck Product Engineer, Mercedes Benz Turk R&D Center, Istanbul

The University

The Esslingen University of Applied Sciences has been built on a long tradition of excellence in engineering education. Esslingen and Stuttgart are at the heart of the German automotive industry: many of the engineers that built this industry were educated here.

The central philosophy of Esslingen university is to offer degree programs that are both practice-oriented and constantly keeping abreast of industrial and corporate development. Small classes enable intensive cooperation between staff and students. Practice semesters, project work, group work and a thesis in the industry all aim towards successfully preparing students for an academically sound, professional career. The outstanding teaching quality and continual striving towards excellence have ensured that Esslingen university is regularly ranked among the top German universities.

Beginning in 1868 as a school for engineers, our university has expanded and changed with the times now to incorporate a highly successful Faculty of Business: an excellent basis for our MBA program in International Industrial Management.

The Business School

One of the pioneers in the field of international graduate education in Germany, the Esslingen Graduate School offers a fully accredited MBA program taught in English to students from around the world.

Alumna Dr. Grace NG-KRÜLLE, MBA 1999, now a Research Fellow at Solution Forest in Australia wrote: "The Esslingen MBA is a melting pot of culture, a platform for brainstorming ideas and for building relationships that cut across conventional borders."

The Faculty

Our teaching faculty is comprised of professors from our university, international professors from our partner universities, as well as lecturers from our corporate and industrial partners.

Entry Requirements

Please see "How to apply" at www.graduate-school.de/mba

Application Procedure

Please see "How to apply" at www.graduate-school.de/mba

Tuition and Fees

Students are required to pay study fees of 1200 euros per semester. There is an additional enrollment fee of 116 euros per semester. There are no other study fees.




Located approximately 15 km from Stuttgart's industrial centre, Esslingen is a romantic medieval city set amidst the vineyards of the Neckar Valley in southern Germany. Around 1830, Esslingen was the most industrialised city in the kingdom of Württemberg and, to this day, it has remained a major centre for all kinds of engineering and related industries.

The region around Esslingen is home to some of the most famous corporations in the world of business. This mixture of industry, trade and culture is what gives Esslingen its special flair and atmosphere and forms the foundation on which the University of Applied Sciences has flourished.

Esslingen is easily accessible: Stuttgart International Airport is approximately 13km south of Stuttgart city centre and provides flights to and from a wide range of destinations throughout Europe. Rail links connect Stuttgart to most other major German cities as well as operating international services to Paris, Strasbourg, Vienna and Zurich.


The local student services run a number of student hostels, in three of which our students are normally lodged.

The hostel closest to the hilltop campus is the Geschwister-Scholl-Strasse hostel: for further details, please see http://www.sws-internet.de/en/wohnheim/geschwister...

Pre-MBA Course

Before commencing the MBA program, students attend a three-week introductory course in German language and culture. The aim of this course is to give students insights into German culture and provide them with the necessary German language skills.

Through excursions to places of interest, lectures and tours, this program shows students examples of German cities, architecture and life. During these three weeks, students are given the opportunity to get to know their classmates, the campus and the region they are living in before their actual studies begin in October.

German is a compulsory part of the Esslingen master's programs. Students do not receive credits for German but they have to demonstrate German language skills of at least Level A2 for admission to the third term (master's thesis). This is a study requirement: students who do not have these skills by the end of the second semester will be expelled from their graduate program.

To meet this requirement, it is therefore necessary to have already completed Level A1/Goethe II before arrival in September. The Graduate School offers German courses from level A2-B1 but not beginners' courses.

During the language and culture program in September, intensive German language classes are offered. During the term, these courses are continued once a week until the end of December.

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