Top Business Schools for Operations Management 2023

An MBA in Operations Management can help students get an overview of this dynamic business area. Indeed, as the world globalizes, the operations functions in many industries, including manufacturing and shipping and others, are becoming more important. An operations manager is charged with overseeing a business' operations by ensuring they're efficient and effective.

To help students understand these processes, an MBA in Operations Management might cover a number of topics, potentially including product development, information technology, pricing, and even sustainability. Increasingly, as operations are more tightly tied to computers and networking, Operations Management MBA programs are delving into how to incorporate technology into systems. 

Some schools offer MBA specializations in Operations, and others offer related programs in fields like supply chain or logistics. For those students who want to explore the field on a deeper level, many business schools offer master’s programs specifically in operations management. 

A generalized MBA program will also most likely include some classes in operations management. 

The best MBA programs in Operations Management may leverage knowledge from in-house research centers, which may draw on ideas form other disciplines, such as engineering or computer science.

Many job opportunities exist for operations-minded MBAs, including positions like systems analyst, logistics manager, and operations analyst.

See below for the 10 best MBA programs for operations management.

Tempe, Arizona 26 Followers 65 Discussions
ASU - Carey

Typically, around one-quarter of ASU's MBA graduates tend to go into roles operations management or logistics, one of the highest rates of all schools surveyed by FIND MBA. The MBA program's specialization in Supply Chain Management offers a number of operations-oriented classes.

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University Park, Pennsylvania 12 Followers 62 Discussions
Penn State - Smeal

Smeal's graduates go into operations in droves – some 38 percent of the class of 2021 went into operations, supply chain, or logistics roles, one of the highest proportions of any school surveyed by FIND MBA. The school's faculty includes some key figures in operations research, such as V. Daniel R. Guide, who co-edits the Journal of Operations Management. Although the school doesn’t offer an MBA in Operations Management, it does offer an MBA concentration in Supply Chain Management.

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Columbus, Ohio 19 Followers 36 Discussions

The school’s Center for Operational Excellence serves as a hub for Fisher students seeking jobs in operations management. Students can pursue an MBA major in Operations and Logistics. In recent years, as much as 22 percent of the MBA class went into operations or logistics-related roles, according to the school. Experienced professionals looking for a more in-depth look at Lean and Six Sigma tools can look at the school’s one-year long Master of Business Excellence program.

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Rotterdam, Netherlands 81 Followers 224 Discussions
RSM Rotterdam

The school hosts the uniquely multidisciplinary Center for Behavioral Operations Management, which examines how humans interact with supply chains. Typically, about 10-15 percent of MBA grads go into the operations or logistics fields. Rotterdam is a hub for global operations and logistics.

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Newark, New Jersey 63 Followers 74 Discussions

Through Rutgers' Center for Operations Research, students can pursue a dual-degree MBA / MS in Operations Research and Business Analytics, which covers topics in information technology, analytics, and related areas. In recent years, upwards of thirty-five percent of the schoo's MBA graduates have gone into operations and related roles.

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Nashville, Tennessee 16 Followers 35 Discussions

The school offers an MBA concentration in Operations & Analytics, where students can delve into modules like “Data Management and Business Intelligence,” “Operations Strategy,” and “Strategy and Operations Consulting.” This concentration is now STEM-designated, which gives international students the option of extending their post-study work visa to 36 months in total. Typically, around 10 to 15 percent of Vanderbilt’s MBA grads go into operations management positions.

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Jouy-en-Josas, France 100 Followers 388 Discussions
HEC Paris

Although the school does not offer an MBA in Operations Management, the core program’s core curriculum covers a range of topics in the field. The school’s Operations Management & Information Technology department consistently produces relevant research. In recent years, as much as seventeen percent of the school’s MBA class of went into operations management and related fields.

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College Station, Texas 42 Followers 62 Discussions
Texas A&M - Mays

Through Mays Business School’s MBA certificate in Supply Chain and Operations, students can study the overlap between these two interacting fields. The school’s Department of Information and Operations Management produces research in the operations management field; in general, around one-fifth of Mays’ MBA class goes into operations or logistics-related roles. 

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Edmonton, Canada 50 Followers 53 Discussions

The Canadian school hosts the ‘Centre for Excellence in Operations,’ which produces a range of multidisciplinary research and puts on events. Alberta MBA students can pursue the innovative ‘Operations & Business Analytics Career Track;’ in recent years, upwards, of 20 percent of the school's MBA graduates have gone into operations management and related roles. 

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West Lafayette, Indiana 20 Followers 82 Discussions
Purdue - Krannert

Typically, around 20 to 25 percent of Krannert MBA grads went into operations positions. With an Operations Management MBA major and a related student club, it's no surprise that US News & World Report consistently puts the school its top-ten list of best schools for a career in operations or production.

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