Top 10 MBA Programs In Global Trade

Trade wars, heightened geopolitical tensions, technology and sustainability are reshaping global trade policy and practice, making the subject of trade far more vital to leaders of businesses operating in multiple countries, as many MBA candidates aspire to be.

Few business schools offer entire MBAs in global trade. Instead, they offer a range of specialisms in the broader field of macroeconomics or supply chain management and operations. These modules cover global trade wars and trade agreements and the key economic policy choices that affect trade flows, trade finance and trade processing.

Some of the courses are required core classes, others are electives, majors and concentrations. They also go over the role of contracts, dispute settlement, labor and environmental regulation in the global trade mix.

Students will learn about how global trade law and policy impacts decisions over international sourcing as well as global business strategy more generally. A key aspect of the MBAs listed below are the opportunities to see how trade impacts global business first-hand. The best programs include opportunities for students to immerse themselves in a range of international business locations overseas. Here are the top 10 MBAs in global trade:

London, United Kingdom 168 Followers 475 Discussions
London Business School (LBS)

London Business School’s MBA students are required to take core courses in Macroeconomics for Managers. They learn about how global trade and other factors influence how firms operate in international business environments, and the choices they make. They can also specialize by taking electives in economics, which cover trade policy and its impact on the global economy.

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Stanford, California 97 Followers 171 Discussions

The Stanford Graduate School of Business in California offers courses in Political Economics, which covers trade and its impact on global business. A highlight of the Stanford MBA are the Global Experiences that give students a unique opportunity to understand the political and economic forces that shape various global business environments. 

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 67 Followers 173 Discussions
UPenn - Wharton

At Wharton, MBA students can take core classes in macroeconomics including global trade, and how it can enhance managerial decision making under uncertainty. Moreover, students can major in Business Economics and Public Policy, which considers how trade and industrial policy impacts global business practice. In addition, students can take an MBA/MA join degree in International Business for a deeper dive into macroeconomics.

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Cambridge, Massachusetts 53 Followers 175 Discussions
MIT - Sloan

MIT Sloan School of Management is renowned for its expertise in operations and supply chain management, both important aspects of global trade. The school’s international economics course, in the MBA, covers global trade wars and trade agreements as well as key economic policy choices that affect trade flows. Students also study trade finance and trade processing as well as trade secrets.

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Barcelona, Spain 29 Followers 169 Discussions
IESE - Barcelona

The MBA at IESE Business School in Spain emphasizes international business. Students take modules in Global Economics and International Management, with a strong focus on global trade policy, which helps students to understand the environment in which firms operate. In addition, IESE’s MBA students go on global immersions to a range of international business destinations to see first-hand how companies respond to shifts in global trade and other macroeconomic trends.

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Berkeley, California 100 Followers 116 Discussions
UC Berkeley - Haas

At the Haas School of Business, MBA students are required to take a course called Economics for Business Decision Making, which covers how global trade policy shapes the strategic landscape and how multinational companies are responding. Students also take courses on macroeconomics in the global economy and how to apply models to explain trade trends and fluctuations. In addition, there are operations modules that explore how trade impacts manufacturing and service companies.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 37 Followers 92 Discussions

MBA students at Tepper School of Business can take an Economics Concentration, in which they learn how changes in fiscal, trade and monetary policy can affect businesses. They learn how to make better decisions based on trade policy and macroeconomic factors. In addition, the Tepper school runs an Operations Management Concentration, which focuses on the supply chain strategies needed to respond to global trade swings.

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Newark, New Jersey 63 Followers 74 Discussions

Rutgers Business School in Newark, New Jersey, is another leader in global trade, operations and supply chain management. In the MBA, students learn about how global trade law and policy impacts decisions over international sourcing. The topics covered include contracts, dispute settlement, labor and environmental regulation.

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Boston, Massachusetts 27 Followers 31 Discussions
Northeastern - D'Amore-McKim

The D'Amore-McKim School of Business offers an International Business Concentration in its MBA. Students focus on core business issues such as trade policies and how they impact strategies when companies operate in multiple countries. And, the students get to immerse themselves in the business and trade practices of another country through an International Field Study and a Global Consulting Project.

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University Park, Pennsylvania 12 Followers 62 Discussions
Penn State - Smeal

At the Smeal College of Business, MBA students gain an introduction to the tools of economic decision making, with a special emphasis placed on the global trade forces shaping international business strategy. They also study a module called Global Business Environment which covers the newest international trade agreements and macroeconomic events that shape the global business landscape.

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