California State University, Long Beach (CSULB)

College of Business Administration (CBA) Building, Room 363
1250 Bellflower Blvd., CBA 200
Long Beach, CA 90840
United States

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Programs at CSULB


18 months
  • At the end of their program, students visit a country and city that showcases current trends in entrepreneurship and that offers opportunities for community service
  • Application deadline for international students is April 1, 2018
Application Deadlines
June 1, 2018


Winter/Spring, Fall
24 months
Human Resources Management
Information Systems
Health Care Administration
Hospitality Management
Health Science
Recreation and Leisure Studies
  • Tuition based on rate for non-California residents
  • Tuition for California residents is $16,308
  • Program may be completed at part-time pace in 48 months
  • Application deadline for international students is April 1, 2018
Application Deadlines
June 1, 2018
23 months
  • Program includes one-week international trip
  • Program is a lock-step cohort
  • Students take two classes each Saturday during 10 week quarters, and complete the 48 units in 23 months
  • Application deadline for international students is April 1, 2018
Application Deadlines
June 1, 2018

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