Mannheim Business School (MBS)

L 5, 6
68161 Mannheim

Mannheim MBA facts

Programs at Mannheim


39,500 EUR
12 months
  • Participants may choose to spend entire program at Mannheim or part of the program at an international partner institution
  • Tuition fee will be reduced by € 2,000 if application is received by the second early bird reduction deadline (March 31st)
Application Deadlines
March 31


39,500 EUR
24 months
  • Program includes two international residencies - one in North America and one in Asia
  • Early Bird Deadline is January 31 for a €3,000 reduction of tuition fee
Application Deadlines
January 31, 2018

Executive MBA

18 months
  • Offered in partnership with ESSEC Business School
  • Program includes two international residencies
  • Program offered in both Mannheim and Paris
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May, September
18 months
  • Offered in partnership with Tongji University
  • Program length can be completed in up to 3.5 years
  • Classes take place in Mannheim and in Shanghai
  • Applications completed by the end of January for the May start date, or by the end of June for the September start date, will receive an early-bird discount of €2,500
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