I recently got into Mannheim and Saint Gallen for the full time MBA program, and am confused about where to go.
I’m aware that Saint Gallen is more expensive, but that is not a primary consideration, and a scholarship may be at play.

About me
Indian, 28 years old (Non EU citizen)
Non German speaker (plan to learn upto A2/B1 by the time I land, and then move up to B2/C1 by the time I graduate)
5 years of work ex at an Indian startup (focussed on insurance process automation)
In case this is relevant: GMAT 770, undergraduate in Economics from the USA, Native English fluency ( Toefl 115, US undergrad etc)

Professionally, I’m open to roles in tech, industry, consulting and finance

Correct me if I’m’m wrong, but I believe-
1. According to their employment reports, both schools have similar placement rates of 90-95%, and similar starting salaries
( 110k for Mannheim vs 120k for Saint Gallen, but you end up making around 60-70% more after Saint Gallen because of lower taxes, so that makes up for the Swiss cost of living and then some)
2. Both have excellent reputations, but ones largely confined to DACH.

In particular, I’d like to know
1. In which country is German more of a professional necessity?
2. Which one is more likely to lead to a role before placement?
3. Which one is considered more “prestigious” in DACH?(this could come in handy for the rest of my career, if I ever get laid off/plan to switch etc)
4. Are there any differences in work life balance between the two countries?
5. Are Swiss employers generally more reluctant to hire non efta candidates than German companies? (If true, is this because of the labour market study requirement? Or is there something else at play?)

I’m aware that this is more of a choice between the two countries than the two schools, so feel free to add anything that you feel may be relevant.

May be relevant-
1. Germany provides an 18 month job seeker visa, vs 6 months for Switzerland
2. Switzerland recently abolished the labour market study requirement for non EFTA nationals in consulting and finance, managers in information/ communication/technology and medical/pharmaceutical roles, and a lot of general industry.


Thanks for taking the time to read/reply!