Top 10 MBA Programs for Human Resources Management 2024

Human resources management, as a function, is growing ever more powerful after years in the doldrums thanks to recent developments like mass allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace following the #MeToo movement. Meanwhile, with employers gathering unprecedented data on workers, an exciting new frontier of people analytics is opening up.

Because of this, MBA programs in Human Resources Management are shifting and adapting. Technology and artificial intelligence are rapidly reshaping HR, cutting out mundane tasks like CV sifting and freeing up time for higher-value work. HR may prove popular given that it has evolved from simply hiring and firing to guiding the culture and even strategic direction of the entire organization. HR professionals are also playing an increasingly important role in ethics and social purpose, which are more important to employees today than ever before.

Moreover, the integration of technology in HR has led to the development of sophisticated tools for employee engagement, performance tracking, and talent management. These advancements have made it essential for HR professionals to be well-versed in data analytics and technological tools, skills that top MBA programs in Human Resources Management now emphasize. The role of HR is now more dynamic, requiring a blend of traditional HR skills and modern technological competencies.

As organizations prioritize creating inclusive and equitable workplaces, the demand for skilled HR leaders who can navigate these complexities is on the rise. MBA programs that focus on human resources management are responding by offering specialized courses in diversity and inclusion, organizational behavior, and change management. These programs aim to equip future HR leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to address contemporary challenges and drive organizational success.

Furthermore, with the global workforce becoming more interconnected, MBA programs are also incorporating international HR practices into their curricula. Understanding the nuances of managing a diverse and dispersed workforce is crucial for modern HR professionals, making these programs more comprehensive and globally oriented.

MBA programs have long covered HR in the core curriculum, but many business schools have now added specialist tracks offering a deeper dive into the increasingly important function. Here are the 10 best MBA programs for human resources management:

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BYU - Marriott

Brigham Young’s Marriott School is ranked very highly by the Princeton Review, in its list of best MBA programs for Human Resources. It has a human resource management department that puts on courses covering employee benefits, wellness programs, disciplinary systems and more. Students can focus on consulting senior managers to change their leadership styles, or work internally on an organization’s entire structure, culture, even strategy. 

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Florida - Warrington - Hough

Warrington offers an MBA concentration in Human Capital, designed for students interested in Human Resources, Talent Management, and Leadership Development. The curriculum offers human resource-tailored electives, including classes in Employment Law, Economics of Organizations & Markets, Compensation in Organizations, International Aspects of Human Resources, Organizational Staffing, Art & Science of Negotiation, and Human Capital Analysis. Additionally, Warrington hosts the Human Resource Research Center (HRRC), which contributes to the science and profession of human resource management through research and educational programs. The HRRC focuses on factors affecting human performance in work settings, providing practical insights for management.

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Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management offers 20 MBA specializations – optional, deep dives into niche subjects. The Human and Organizational Performance (HOP) specialization focuses on getting students jobs in human capital consulting or corporate human resources management through a rigorous sequence of courses. 

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USC - Marshall

USC Marshall has dedicated career service team members with backgrounds in human capital management who help students get jobs via advice, training and networking. MBA students at the school can also take classes from USC Marshall’s Center for Effective Organizations (CEO). Founded in 1979, the Center has produced research that influences how corporations are managed.

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Michigan - Ross

At Michigan Ross, there’s a Management and Organizations (MO) area that sets MBA students up for corporate and consultancy roles in human capital management. The classes cover a wide range of subjects including ethics and leadership. The MO area is also cross-disciplinary, featuring faculty members from other Michigan departments such as psychology, sociology and education. 

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Wisconsin runs an MBA specialization in strategic human resource management which is ranked highly by the Princeton Review. The coursework from top faculty covers compensation, employee relations, labor relations, staff, negotiations and change management. There are also practical learning opportunities on offer, as well as internships that can give students a career advantage. 

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Chicago - Booth

Human capital has been central to teaching at Chicago Booth for centuries. The school’s revered generalist MBA covers human resources management in great depth, with the content aiming to help managers understand how they can inspire the people they lead. Students learn from a star-studded line up of stellar faculty, some of whom are Nobel Laureates.  

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George Washington University's Online MBA in Healthcare attracts healthcare professionals looking to advance into leadership roles such as health services manager or administrator. The program offers flexible, fully online coursework with optional global and experiential opportunities. Students customize their MBA with specialized electives to align with career goals. Live weekly classroom sessions provide real-time interaction with faculty and peers, enhancing learning outcomes. Faculty-led online office hours further support engagement and academic success. 

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Pittsburgh - Katz

Katz in Pittsburgh has an MBA track in “Leading People in Organizations,” which covers how HR has evolved from personal administration to strategic management of people development. It also explores business ethics and social performance, areas of HR that have been given a renowned focus in recent years, as well as cross-cultural management. As part of the track, students can pursue a micro-credential in “Leading People in Organizations.”

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Students in Broad’s full-time MBA program can pursue a concentration in Human Resource Management, which addresses not only the core human resources components, but also addresses the softer side of the discipline, through topics such as “Social Issues in Management.” According to the school, some of the key placement areas after completing this concentration include “corporate HR,” “human capital consulting,” and “recruiting and talent acquisition,” among other fields.

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