Top 10 Ranked Business Schools in German-Speaking Europe

German-speaking Europe — Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, along with parts of Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg — is home to a number of world-class business schools, as well as to international schools that have opened campuses there. Here are a list of 10 business schools in the region that are ranked by international publications.

Berlin, Germany 159 Followers 175 Discussions
ESMT Berlin

Established in 2002, Berlin’s ESMT has quickly made a place for itself among business schools in Germany. Its full-time MBA program is ranked by both the Economist and the Financial Times; its EMBA program is also ranked in the Financial Times.

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Mannheim, Germany 80 Followers 221 Discussions

Mannheim is one of the only business schools in Germany to be triple-accredited. Its full-time MBA program is ranked in the Financial Times as well as the Economist; its EMBA program and Master in Management programs are featured in the respective rankings from the Financial Times.

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Düsseldorf, Germany 80 Followers 207 Discussions

The school’s full-time MBA program is ranked in the Economist; both its EMBA and Master in Management programs are ranked by the Financial Times.

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St. Gallen, Switzerland 44 Followers 142 Discussions
St. Gallen

For four straight years, Switzerland’s St. Gallen has topped the Financial Times’ global ranking of Master in Management programs. Its full-time MBA and EMBA programs are also ranked by the publication.

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Vienna, Austria 38 Followers 41 Discussions
WU Executive Academy

Although Austria’s WU does not offer a full-time MBA program, its part-time modular MBA is popular with working professionals in Vienna and the rest of the region. Its EMBA program is ranked in the Financial Times.

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Leipzig, Germany 70 Followers 196 Discussions
HHL Leipzig

The schools Master in Management program is ranked highly by the Financial Times; in terms of MBA programs, its full- and part-time offerings are well-regarded in the region.

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Berlin, Germany 13 Followers 102 Discussions
ESCP - Berlin

With a campus in Berlin, the school’s Financial Times-ranked EMBA program attracts students from across the DACH region. ESCP is one of two schools in Germany that are triple-accredited.

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Frankfurt am Main, Germany 113 Followers 83 Discussions
Frankfurt School

The Frankfurt School’s Master in Finance program is ranked in the Financial Times. With its recently-launched full-time MBA program, it’s looking to expand its footprint in Germany and the rest of the region.

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Zurich, Switzerland 3 Followers 4 Discussions

This Swiss school’s EMBA program is ranked by the Financial Times.

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München, Germany 2 Followers 2 Discussions

Although the school is based in Spain, the school’s Munich campus and large MBA alumni network in Germany mean it’s on solid footing in the DACH region. The school has announced that it will begin delivering some of its EMBA program modules out of its Munich campus.

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