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The Frankfurt MBA

The newly launched part-time MBA programme complements the full-time MBA and builds on 60 years of teaching and research at Frankfurt School, and successful experience teaching Management Masters and Executive MBA classes.

The MBA's unique study models (9+3 months full-time, 15+5 months part-time) rely on the diverse corporate connections at Frankfurt School to give participants a smooth transition to their post-MBA careers. It follows the participant-centered-learning concept developed by Harvard Business School and covers the areas of management and leadership important for successful professional careers.


  • Where better to study an MBA than in the heart of Europe's economic growth giant and at the financial heart of the Eurozone?
  • Global perspective with an international student body and two weeks abroad at FT top 100 BSchools: Norwegan Business School (Oslo) and Bocconi in Italy (Full-time MBA)
  • Intensive German classes to ensure smooth assimilation into the German job market
  • Strong connection to industry & business via company visits, executive talks, boardroom meetings and various career activities
  • Dedicated career and personal development programme with a strong corporate and alumni network

FS in a Minute Video - Industry Day

Executive MBA The demands made on executives and managers are every bit as complex as the tasks they are called upon to perform.

They are expected not only to have experience in all the right fields, but also to possess personal management and leadership skills, and to have a thorough knowledge of theoretical concepts and models. This means that innovative training programmes are essential if the combined potential of academic training and work-related experience is to be realised in full.

Three semesters of intensive study will prepare you for all major management positions; this knowledge will be combined with project work and case studies in the classroom and, in addition, you will learn not only fundamental theories, but also their direct application to entrepreneurial problem-solving. Practical on-the-job training gives students on college release a chance to apply their newly-gained theoretical knowledge to the challenges facing them in their career.

Here, participants with different areas of concentration contribute their perspectives and approaches from other fields and industries. By working together, you will not only improve your soft skills, but also profit from a spirited exchange of ideas and forge useful contacts. Even after graduation, your MBA class will provide you with a strong network!


MBA International Healthcare Management

The healthcare industry has become one of the biggest and most dynamic industries in many countries around the world. Many healthcare institutions are therefore looking for entrepreneurial-thinking and dynamic managers, who can master the challenges of this high potential market.

As the healthcare industry becomes more international, managers must possess a global, practice-oriented education coupled with strong intercultural skills.

Frankfurt School aims to equip managers with the skills required for tomorrow's international healthcare facilities. As a graduate from the programme you will be able to unite the seemingly irreconcilable using entrepreneurial management techniques to progressively increase quality with a steady decrease in costs.

The University

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management offers a wide range of degree courses and continuing education programmes with the focus on management and finance.

Under Academic Programmes, you will find details of our Bachelor's, Master's and Ph.D. programmes. Our Professional Programmes, meanwhile, comprise a wide range of high-level continuing education programmes for those in full-time employment in particular for bank and insurance company employees as well as courses leading to valuable professional certificates.

The Business School

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management is a leading private business school based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. We have 86 regional education centres throughout Germany and various joint ventures and programmes abroad.

We offer top class degree courses and continuing education options in seven different programme divisions. We maintain four specialist research centres and run numerous international consulting projects. All educational, research and consulting activities are focused on finance and management. By finance, we mean crossfunctional financial activities at all companies that deal with financial management. And by management, we mean classical corporate leadership, where managers deploy employees and resources in such a way that the company's goals are met as cost-effectively as possible. Frankfurt School of Finance & Management originated in the financial sector, but today our services enjoy increasing appreciation in other business sectors as well. In the future, we will be continuing to expand our national and international networking with the business community.

The Faculty

Founded in 1957 as Bankakademie e.V.

University status with full authority to award degrees since 2004; non-profit GmbH (limited company) owned by the Frankfurt School Foundation since 2008

Currently 1,255 students on full-time academic study programmes

Approx. 5,100 students on part-time courses

More than 10,000 participants on training courses

Faculty: 43 professors in four departments

Alumni: 3,625 graduates from academic study programmes

and more than 100,000 from part-time courses

Entry Requirements

The Frankfurt MBA

  • First degree (Bachelor or equivalent)
  • Minimum two years of work experience
  • GMAT, GRE or equivalent
  • TOEFL IBT minimum score of 90 / IELTS minimum score of 7
  • Successful participation in the FS admissions interview
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Case study
  • CV or resume

Executive MBA

  • already hold an academic degree or equivalent (minimum GPA 3.0 in the German system)
  • have a minimum of seven years professional experience with appropriate managerial responsibility
  • have very good English language skills

MBA in International Healthcare Management

  • an university degree or equivalent bachelor qualification
  • at least three years professional experience, if possible in healthcare or hospital management
  • excellent written and spoken English skills / TOEFL test

Application Procedure

All Programs

1. Application Form

This form provides the Admissions Committee with fundamental information when it comes to evaluating each application. It is therefore essential that detailed information is provided on relevant academic and professional achievements, together with aspirations, motivations and concerns that could play a role in your admission. Supporting documentation, including English Language proficiency exam results, accompany the application form. The application form is available online.

2. Assessment Center

After applying to the programme you will participate in the Frankfurt School?s one-day Assessment Centre, where we will evaluate the skills and abilities you bring to your studies. The Assessment Centre helps us and you to determine whether the programme is right for you. There is no fee for participation in the Assessment Centre. After you successfully complete the Assessment Centre, we will send you a letter of acceptance and a contract.

Tuition and Fees

The Frankfurt MBA
Tuition fees for the Full-time MBA stand currently at 34 000 EUR.

Executive MBA
Tuition fees for the Executive MBA currently stand at 45 100 EUR.

MBA in International Healthcare Management
At present, the tuition fees for the IMBA in International Healthcare Management
study programme amounts to 34 000 EUR (incl. study materials and excl. travel costs)

Financial Aid

A degree course at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management is a targeted investment in your professional future.

Our graduates earn above-average salaries, so your course is an investment which will pay off quickly.

The cost of travel - including for the optional study-abroad module - are not included in the price of tuition.

If you would like more details of these financing options, please contact our Advisory Service. We will be glad to help you.

Incidentally, in Germany expenses incurred in connection with educational courses and examinations are tax-deductible.


Frankfurt School of Finance & Management is a leading private business school based in Frankfurt am Main. Frankfurt has plenty to offer visitors, it is a lively city, with a profusion of cultural activities to suit all tastes. Regardless of your preferred leisure pursuits - museums, concerts, opera, cinema or theatre - you will find plenty of interesting events happening in Frankfurt, with something new to see, listen to, experience and appreciate every day. The Alte Oper, Städel and Schirn Kunsthalle are all cultural venues with global reputations, ready to inspire you with the finest in music and art.

Video - Life in Frankfurt


Dorms on the new campus are available!

Programs at Frankfurt School


34,000 EUR
12 months
  • Early bird application discounts of 5000€ by November 30 and 2500€ by February 28.
  • Two international study trips: Italy (SDA Bocconi) and Norway (BI Business School).
Application Deadlines
July 31, 2018


37,000 EUR
20 months
  • Early bird application discounts of 5000€ by November 30 and 2500€ by February 28.
  • International week abroad at CEIBS in Shanghai, China.
  • Programme requires 62 teaching days of which 31 are working days.
Application Deadlines
July 31, 2018

Executive MBA

18 months
  • Lectures take place on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and at least once every semester in six-day blocks.
  • Early bird discounts of 6000€ by January 31 and 3750€ by April 30.
  • International week at University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Kedge Business School (Euromed MBA) Marseille (France).
Application Deadlines
July 31, 2018
20 months
  • 8 residential modules each lasting 7 days in Hong Kong (China), Marseille (France) and Tel Aviv (Israel)
  • Early bird application discounts of 4000€ by January 31 and 2500€ by April 30.
Application Deadlines
July 31, 2018

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