Top Business Schools for Marketing 2019

It’s clear why so many students are interested in pursuing an MBA in Marketing: Marketing is an important part of many industries, and is becoming even more essential as the internet and international demand for goods and services drive increased competition. And as marketers are inundated with data and global pressures, many are turning to MBAs Marketing to understand how their discipline is shifting.

Fortunately, many business schools offer Marketing MBA programs, which often provide up-to-date info about changes in the field. Some MBA programs in Marketing might delve into specific topics such as branding, marketing analytics, and digital marketing, among many other subjects.

Of course, for those students who don’t want to pursue a concentration in the field, most MBA programs will offer marketing courses as part of their core curriculum.

The best business schools for marketing may also house research centers that provide networking opportunities and publish cutting-edge research on changes in marketing. This research will often be leveraged in the schools’ Marketing MBA programs. 

Marketing-minded students might also consider doing a specialized MS program in Marketing, as an alternative to an MBA.

Post-MBA careers in marketing can include everything from a marketing manager in a corporate firm to a position at a specialized marketing firm.

Hong Kong, Hong Kong (PRC) 20 Followers 75 Discussions

CUHK Business School’s Centre for Marketing Engineering focuses its research on a range of cutting edge topics, from database marketing to data mining and business intelligence. Twenty-two percent of CUHK’s MBA class of 2018 went into marketing or sales roles; the school also offers a well-regarded MSc in Marketing.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota 21 Followers 26 Discussions
Minnesota - Carlson

Carlson grads who pursued the MBA’s Marketing emphasis have landed jobs in the marketing departments of companies like Target, Deloitte Consulting, and Best Buy. The school's Institute for Research in Marketing publishes a wide range of marketing-related research. Forty-seven percent percent of the school’s class of 2018 went into marketing or sales.

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Frankfurt am Main, Germany 94 Followers 55 Discussions
Frankfurt School

The Frankfurt School’s MBA includes a core course on Marketing Management. Over one-quarter of the school’s MBA grads tend to go into functional roles in sales, business development, or marketing.

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Seattle, Washington 26 Followers 28 Discussions
Washington - Foster

The school’s Center for Sales and Marketing Strategy produces a range of research in marketing and puts on events. Some 41 percent of Foster’s MBA class of 2018 went into sales or marketing roles, one of the highest percentage of all schools surveyed by FIND MBA.

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Irvine, California 38 Followers 39 Discussions
UC Irvine - Merage

Although the school does not offer an MBA in Marketing, students can choose from marketing courses as part of Merage’s MBA certificate in Digital Transformation. Thirty-seven percent of the MBA class of 2018 went into marketing roles, one of the highest rates for all schools surveyed by FIND MBA.

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Madrid, Spain 100 Followers 345 Discussions

The number of IE Business School MBA grads going into the marketing field has increased in recent years, with around 29 percent of the class of 2018 going into marketing roles. The school also offers a range of relevant specialized master’s programs, including a Master in Market Research & Consumer Behavior and a Master of Corporate Communication.

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Evanston, Illinois 60 Followers 187 Discussions
Northwestern - Kellogg

Currently ranked as the top business school for marketing by US News, Kellogg’s well-regarded faculty produce a huge range of publications each year. Kellogg MBAs can pursue the school’s concentration in marketing and then augment it with a relevant pathway such as Data Analytics. The school hosts two related centers: the Center for Market Leadership and the Center for Global Marketing Practice.

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Rochester, New York 26 Followers 39 Discussions
Rochester - Simon

In addition to offering an MBA concentration in Marketing, the school also offers a specialized master’s degree in Marketing Analytics, as well as a relevant PhD program. Of the MBA class of 2018, almost thirty percent of grads went into the marketing field.

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Bloomington, Indiana 38 Followers 105 Discussions
Indiana - Kelley

Kelley has developed a solid infrastructure for students interested in marketing: Its Center for Brand Leadership has built a broad base of corporate partners in the field and publishes research, and the Consumer Marketing Academy helps students prepare for careers in marketing. Over thirty-six percent of Kelley’s MBA class of 2018 went into marketing careers.

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Cambridge, Massachusetts 27 Followers 152 Discussions
Hult - Boston

The school does not offer a specialized MBA in Marketing, but students can choose to pair Hult’s MBA with a Masters in International Marketing, which includes courses such as “Understanding the Customer,” “Social Marketing,” and “Marketing Analytics,” among others. Thirty-eight percent of the MBA class of 2018 went into marketing or sales roles.

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