Top Business Schools for Retail and Consumer Goods 2018

Retail and consumer goods are huge businesses. By some estimates, in 2017, the size of the global retail industry was over $20 trillion, driven by behemoths like Walmart, Home Depot, and Costco, as well as by e-commerce retailers such as Amazon. Unlike for other industry areas, MBA programs don't often offer specialized curriculum in these industries; you’ll find very few business schools offering MBA programs in Retail or Consumer Goods.

Instead, students can opt for relevant functional concentrations like operations management or marketing, and find networking opportunities through research centers and student clubs.

Madison, Wisconsin 18 Followers 45 Discussions

Wisconsin’s MBA program in Brand and Product Management gives students a solid background in marketing, consumer behavior, and other topics important to the sector. MBAs can leverage Wisconsin’s Center for Brand and Product Management to find internships and jobs. Twenty-one percent of the class of 2017 went into the consumer products sector.

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West Lafayette, Indiana 17 Followers 77 Discussions
Purdue - Krannert

About mid-way between Chicago and Cincinnati, students at Purdue – Krannert are close to some of the biggest consumer goods companies in the Midwest, including Proctor & Gamble. Students take advantage of this proximity: 23 percent of 2017 MBA grads went into the consumer goods industry, an increase over previous years.

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University Park, Pennsylvania 11 Followers 61 Discussions
Penn State - Smeal

Although Smeal doesn’t offer an MBA in Retail, that hasn’t stopped students from going into the sector: fourteen percent of the MBA class of 2016 did just that. Retail operations like The Gap and Amazon have recruited grads.

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Oxford, United Kingdom 53 Followers 235 Discussions
Oxford - Said

Over the past few decades, Oxford's “Institute of Retail Management” has established itself as one of the premier retail-oriented research centers in the UK. For MBAs, the center offers a specialized eight-week elective course in retailing.

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Hong Kong, Hong Kong (PRC) 20 Followers 73 Discussions

Although many of CUHK's graduates are drawn to lucrative careers in finance, a growing number are finding themselves drawn to the consumer products field, due to the region's fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) infrastructure. Nineteen percent of CUHK’s MBA class of 2016 went into the consumer products and services sector.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota 21 Followers 25 Discussions
Minnesota - Carlson

Even though Carlson does not offer an MBA specialization in Retail or Consumer Goods, this doesn’t mean that the school doesn’t places in these industries: of the MBA class of 2016, 13 percent went into the consumer packaged goods sector, while 2 percent went into retail roles.

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East Lansing, Michigan 16 Followers 55 Discussions

Almost one-quarter of Broad’s MBA class of 2017 went into the consumer products industry. Graduates are regularly recruited by large firms like Sears and Mattel.

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Lausanne, Switzerland 38 Followers 124 Discussions

In past years, some 15 or 20 percent of IMD graduates have gone into the consumer goods industry. The school's “Global Value Chain Center” produces research in the consumer goods and retail fields.

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Hyderabad, India 21 Followers 84 Discussions

India’s fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector is huge, and is growing every year. ISB graduates are realizing this: some nine percent of the 2017 PGP grads went into the sector, an increase over previous years.

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Bloomington, Indiana 37 Followers 102 Discussions
Indiana - Kelley

Through Kelley’s Center for Education and Research in Retailing, MBAs can get hooked up with potential employers and attend relevant events. Although the school does not offer an MBA specialization in retail or consumer goods, 15 percent of the class of 2017 went into these sectors.

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