Top Business Schools for Supply Chain Management 2019

Thinking about an MBA in Supply Chain Management? Effective supply chain management (SCM) practices have always been essential to many industries, and indeed, because of this, most MBA programs cover aspects of supply chain in their core curriculums.

However, in recent years, as globalization and the embrace of data have shaken up distribution networks, supply chain roles increasingly demand managers with specialized knowledge of fields like analytics and logistics. Modern MBAs in Supply Chain Management can help students understand these trends and how to leverage them.

As such, a specialized MBA in Supply Chain Management might cover a number of topics in the space, such as logistics, statistics, optimization, and demand management, among others. The best MBAs in Supply Chain may also leverage insights from related research centers on-campus.
In practice, supply chain management roles draw heavily from the fields of operations management and logistics management. Because of this, students interested in the supply chain field might explore not only MBA programs in Supply Chain Management, but also MBA concentrations in Operations Management and Logistics Management. Likewise, there is often overlap between the three fields, in both program offerings and in post-MBA careers.
In terms of post-MBA roles in supply chain management, a plethora of options are available. A wide variety of jobs exist for MBAs in the supply chain field, including supply chain/logistics/operations manager, analyst, or consultant.

West Lafayette, Indiana 18 Followers 77 Discussions
Purdue - Krannert

Krannert’s Global Supply Chain Management Initiative coordinates a range of student services, including supply chain internships, events, and student competitions. Beyond an MBA concentration in Supply Chain Management, Krannert also offers an MS in Global Supply Chain Management. In any given year, over one-third of Krannert MBAs go into operations roles.

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Newark, New Jersey 51 Followers 71 Discussions

In 2009, Rutgers Business School founded the Center for Supply Chain Management, which offers a certificate in supply chain management and produces a range of relevant publications. The school offers an MBA in Supply Chain Management, which is ranked highly in Gartner's 2018 Top 25 North American Supply Chain University Graduate Programs. Over thirty percent of Rutgers’ MBA class of 2018 went into operations or logistic roles.

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Knoxville, Tennessee 17 Followers 32 Discussions

Students can pursue UTK’s MBA concentration in Supply Chain Management, and the school’s “Supply Chain Forum” gives them a chance to network and track down job leads. In partnership with ESSEC and CEU, UTK also offers a Global Supply Chain Executive MBA, one of the few globally-oriented EMBA programs in this field.

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Boston, Massachusetts 22 Followers 34 Discussions
Northeastern - D'Amore-McKim

Northeastern’s MBA track in Supply Chain Management covers a range of emerging issues in the field, with elective options like “Offshore Outsourcing” and “Sustainability and Supply Chain Management.” According to the school, twenty-four percent of the MBA class of 2018 went into operations or productions roles.

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Cambridge, Massachusetts 40 Followers 157 Discussions
MIT - Sloan

While not officially an MBA, MIT's ten-month Supply Chain Management masters program attracts a similar target group, and leads to a Master of Engineering in Logistics degree. MIT also offers a “Leaders for Global Operations” dual-degree MBA/MSc program. The school hosts two relevant research centers: the Operations Research Center and the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics, both of which publish research in supply chain management. In 2018, Sloan was ranked as a top Supply Chain MBA by US News.

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Tempe, Arizona 25 Followers 74 Discussions
ASU - Carey

ASU was ranked in 2018 by US News as one of the top-three Supply Chain MBAs in the United States. The MBA offers several relevant specialization areas, including "Supply Chain Management and Health Sector Management,” and "Supply Chain Financial Management." The school placed more than one quarter of its 2018 MBA class into supply chain roles. Through the school’s Department of Supply Chain Management, the school has some non-MBA graduate programs relevant to supply chain, such as a Master of Science in Global Logistics.

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East Lansing, Michigan 16 Followers 55 Discussions

Broad students can pursue an MBA concentration in Supply Chain Management, and they can use the school’s On-Demand Supply Chain Center, which is operated in partnership with IBM, to conduct research and supply chain experiments. Almost 60 percent of the 2018 MBA grads got jobs in supply chain-related fields like operations and logistics. The school also offers a Master of Science in Supply Chain Management, which can be completed while students work full-time.

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University Park, Pennsylvania 11 Followers 61 Discussions
Penn State - Smeal

Gartner recently ranked Penn State as the number-one supply chain graduate program in North America, and typically, some 30 to 40 percent of the school’s  MBA cohort lands jobs with operations or logistics functions each year. Since 1989, the school has operated the Center for Supply Chain Research, which publishes research and puts on events. The school offers an MBA concentration in Supply Chain Management, as well as a Master of Supply Chain Management.

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates 9 Followers 58 Discussions
SP Jain - Dubai

SP Jain offers an MBA specialization in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management, making use of its campuses in Asia-Pacific hubs like Dubai and Singapore.

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