Top Business Schools for Healthcare / Pharma / Biotech 2019

It’s no surprise that so many MBAs are interested in going into the healthcare sector. The firms in this industry—along with those in pharma and biotech—can be huge and growing. Because these fields tend to be so complex, it takes a special type of manager to be able to navigate them. This is where an MBA in Healthcare comes in: it can help prepare students to deal with a range of issues in the healthcare, pharma, and biotech fields.  

Indeed, for students working or hoping to work in the health fields, an MBA can prepare them for various functional roles – like marketing, business development, or strategy – at companies in the healthcare services, life sciences, pharma, and biotech industries.

Fortunately, some business schools offer specialized MBAs in the healthcare field, which often explore the challenges that managers will face in healthcare firms. Additionally, some business schools allow MBA students to supplement their studies with a second healthcare-related degree, such as an MD or a Masters in Nursing. 

In any case, the best MBA programs in healthcare will often cover a range of topics, such as healthcare economics, operations in healthcare firms, and the financial management of health institutions, for example. Some MBA programs might also cover issues in global health and even service delivery. 

An MBA in Healthcare can help grads land internships and jobs at nonprofit organizations, or as consultants, investment bankers, and venture capitalists focused on healthcare.

Newark, New Jersey 52 Followers 79 Discussions

Located in what is known as "The Healthcare City" - Rutgers is close to big pharma companies like Johnson & Johnson and Bristol-Myers Squibb, as well as several large hospitals. Rutgers' Pharmaceutical Management MBA concentration and the Lerner Center—which publishes relevant research and puts on events—further strengthen the school's links to the biopharmaceutical industry. Thirty-seven percent of the class of 2018 went into the healthcare or pharma industries, one of the highest rates of any school that FIND MBA surveyed.

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Boston, Massachusetts 144 Followers 92 Discussions

BU offers a two-year, specialized Health Sector MBA (HSM) that leads to internships and jobs in the Boston area and beyond. Thirty percent of all of 2018 MBA grads landed jobs in the healthcare industry or related fields. BU's is one of a handful of MBA and dual-degree MBA programs accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME).

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Cleveland, Ohio 10 Followers 12 Discussions

Although the school doesn’t offer an MBA specialization in Healthcare—or indeed, any formal specializations—it does offer a range of relevant electives, such as “Health Finance” and “Health Economics and Strategy.” In recent years, the school has placed upwards of 18 percent of its MBA grads in health-related roles, in firms like Medical Mutual, the Cleveland Clinic, and VA Hospitals, among others.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota 21 Followers 26 Discussions
Minnesota - Carlson

Students who are interested in healthcare can pursue the school’s Medical Industry MBA specialization, which explores topics in healthcare law, the pharmaceutical industry, the medical device industry, and more. Recruiters generally include the Mayo Clinic, Medtronic, and GE Healthcare, among others. Eighteen percent of the school’s MBA class of 2018 went into the healthcare sector.

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Lausanne, Switzerland 37 Followers 133 Discussions

The percentage of IMD MBAs going into pharmaceuticals has reached double digits in recent years, with many alum going to work for Swiss pharma giants like Novartis and Roche. Fifteen percent of the 2017 MBA class got jobs in this sector.

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Williamsburg, Virginia 8 Followers 32 Discussions

The Mason School’s Health Sector MBA specialization prepares students to land jobs in an industry in transition. Recent hiring companies that have snapped up healthcare MBA students include Johnson & Johnson and Riverside Health Systems. In recent years, up to 13 percent of the Mason MBA class has gone into the sector. 

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Gent, Belgium 13 Followers 170 Discussions
Vlerick - Ghent Campus

The school reports that 17 percent of its MBA grads go into healthcare or pharma roles. Recruiters have included pharmaceutical companies like Johnson & Johnson and GlaxoSmithKline. The school also puts on a range of healthcare-themed executive education courses.

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Shanghai, China 34 Followers 78 Discussions
CEIBS - Shanghai

Although CEIBS does not offer an MBA specialization in Healthcare, it does offer some relevant electives, including one called “Health Care: Economics and Industry.” Ten percent of the MBA class of 2018 went into the healthcare products industry. The school hosts the CEIBS Centre for Healthcare Management and Policy, which produces research; and it runs a dual-degree MBA/MPH through a partnership with Johns Hopkins.

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St. Gallen, Switzerland 34 Followers 124 Discussions
St. Gallen

Generally, around 15 to 20 percent of St. Gallen MBAs go into the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries after graduation. Novartis recruits heavily from the school. The school hosts a “Center for Healthcare,” which produces relevant research and puts on healthcare-related executive education programs.

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Nashville, Tennessee 13 Followers 31 Discussions

Music isn't Nashville's biggest industry; health care is. Vanderbilt offers a specialized Health Care MBA that leverages close ties to Vanderbilt's Medical Center and proximity to hundreds of local healthcare companies, including HCA. The school also offers various other management programs in healthcare, including a joint MD/MBA and the one-year Master of Management in Health Care. Twenty-one percent of Owen’s MBA class of 2018 went into the healthcare sector.

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