Top Business Schools for Sustainability / CSR / Social Entrepreneurship 2018

An MBA can boost careers for managers working in sustainability roles, such as strategic functions and corporate social responsibility (CSR) departments of companies committed to improving their social/environmental footprint or stakeholder engagement. Specialized MBA curriculum in sustainability explores business ideas through different lenses: the “triple bottom line,” for example, gauges success based on not only a business' profit, but also how it effects the planet and humanity. MBA programs in social entrepreneurship help students create and manage businesses to create social change. Non-profits and social enterprises are often linked to sustainability objectives.

Oxford, United Kingdom 53 Followers 235 Discussions
Oxford - Said

The school's Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship provides resources for students looking to create social change through innovation. The MBA program’s curriculum includes elective options like “Social Enterprise Design,” and “Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation.”

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Berkeley, California 75 Followers 108 Discussions
UC Berkeley - Haas

The school's Center for Responsible Business organizes a range of sustainability-oriented events and provides resources like fellowships and scholarships for CSR-minded MBAs. Elective courses like “Social Finance” examine core business topics through the lens of sustainability.

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Ithaca, New York 72 Followers 125 Discussions
Cornell - Johnson

Launched in 2003, Johnson’s Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise publishes relevant research in the fields of sustainability and CSR. MBA students can pursue a concentration in “Sustainable Global Enterprise,” as well as a company project focusing on CSR topics.

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Exeter, United Kingdom 7 Followers 63 Discussions

The school’s MBA is one of the few programs in the UK focusing on sustainability and CSR-related themes. The school’s Sustainability & Circular Economy research cluster publishes a range of topics, such as agricultural systems, climate change, and low-carbon transitions.

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Boston, Massachusetts 61 Followers 194 Discussions

With the Social Enterprise Initiative, Harvard was one of the first business schools to build research capacity in the CSR space. Many of the classes in the MBA program’s core curriculum integrate CSR case studies.

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Madrid, Spain 97 Followers 338 Discussions

Ranked the top sustainability-oriented school in Europe by the now-defunct sustainability rankings from “Beyond Grey Pinstripes,” IE Business School offers relevant courses, and puts on an annual “Social Responsibility Forum” that explores CSR-related issues.

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Nantes, France 10 Followers 46 Discussions
Audencia Nantes

In 2013, the school announced that it had completely revamped its traditional full-time MBA, transforming it into an “MBA in Responsible Management,” which focuses on sustainability and CSR issues. The school’s Institute for Global Responsibility and Entrepreneurship publishes research and provides networking opportunities.

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Rotterdam, Netherlands 66 Followers 195 Discussions
RSM Rotterdam

Through courses like “Business, Society, and Sustainable Development,” the MBA program's core curriculum places a strong focus on sustainability and CSR. In fact, the school has integrated the UN Global Compact’s Principles for Responsible Management Education into the MBA programs’ curriculum. The school also produces a range of research in the sustainability field.

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Vancouver, Canada 48 Followers 87 Discussions
UBC - Sauder

Students interested in sustainability and CSR can pursue the MBA program’s specialization in “Sustainability and Business.” The school’s Centre for Sustainability and Social Innovation publishes relevant research.

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Ann Arbor, Michigan 31 Followers 79 Discussions
Michigan - Ross

Founded in 1996, Ross’ Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise is a thought leader in the space. Students interested in sustainability can pursue a dual-degree MBA / Master of Science offered in partnership with the University of Michigan’s School of Natural Resources and Environment.

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