Just saw an interesting post in the FT about a group of five top business schools that are trying to tackle social issues.

The schools (ESSEC, Tuck, Manheim Business School, Fudan, and Kelo Business School) are calling their new group "Council on Business and Society," and plan on hosting conferences and eventual white papers to "influence policy and case studies to influence business school pedagogy."

Even though to me it sounds a bit vague, I think this group holds some potential for doing some good in reforming MBA programs. I think the Financial Crisis of 2008 has shown us that business leaders need to take social issues into account, and what better place to start than in business schools.

The group is also looking to recruit schools in India and Latin America, a good sign that they're taking the internationalization of business seriously.

I'd like to see topics for conferences, goals, etc. though to see if they're really serious about this.