Top 10 Most Affordable Online MBAs

Online MBA degrees have exploded in popularity. Time-conscious managers have warmed to them, rather than taking time out of work to pursue a traditional, campus-based course. 

Online students do not have to forgo a salary, so digital degrees are good for those who do not want to sacrifice too much money. 

What’s more, as Online MBA degrees can be managed by business schools more cheaply than campus programs, the tuition tends to be lower. A two-year MBA at a top US school can cost well over $100,000 in fees and other costs such as travel. An Online MBA will not set you back by more than $60,000, and that’s at the top end of the market.

However, when doing an Online MBA on a budget, potential students want to be assured of the quality of their education. That’s where AACSB accreditation comes in: by doing an Online MBA from a business school that is accredited by AACSB, you can rest assured that your educational experience will be top-notch.

Below you’ll find the most affordable Online MBA degrees that are still accredited by AACSB International. Here they are: 

Bradford, United Kingdom 37 Followers 348 Discussions

The UK’s Bradford School of Management tops the Financial Times’ value for money list in its most recent Online MBA rankings. And little wonder: the program features one of the lowest tuition rates of all the schools included in the ranking. The school is also rated highly for its career progress and international mobility. So Bradford’s program will give you a cheap Online MBA but without sacrificing quality, that is valued by global employers. 

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Durham, United Kingdom 48 Followers 355 Discussions

Durham University Business School, of the UK, is another good option for cost-conscious MBA candidates. However, although the tuition rate for the program is rather low, that doesn’t mean that it’s not a great investment. According to data from the FT’s Online MBA Ranking, graduates see a 27 percent boost to their pay three years after completing the MBA. That puts Durham’s course at second overall in the FT’s value for money ranking. Durham’s Online MBA graduates rated the course highly for career progress, with 78 percent of them achieving their aims. 

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Canyon, Texas 4 Followers 3 Discussions

The US’s WTAMU is one of the cheapest Online MBA courses ranked by the prestigious US News & World Report publication. It was placed number 36 overall this year, but is seriously affordable. Best of all, the tuition rates for international students are not too much higher than Texas residents. About 730 people apply each year and 63 per cent of them are admitted, so you have a good chance of being enrolled into the course. WTAMU’s degree appears to be a well-kept secret. 

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Harrisonburg, Virginia 1 Follower 5 Discussions

James Madison placed 22 in US News’ Online MBA ranking, but punches above its weight in terms of cost, especially for in-state students. James Madison scores particularly highly in US News’ overall ranking for the degree to which its students engage with each other — one early concern about online programs. Students are experienced — an average of 10 years’ work experience apiece — and 99 percent of them would recommend the course to their friends or colleagues. 

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Coventry, United Kingdom 69 Followers 516 Discussions

Warwick Business School, in the UK, is not only ranked first globally for its Online MBA by the FT; it is also placed number four for value for money as well. Although the tuition rates are relatively low, graduates of this AACSB-accredited Online MBA see salaries of  $182,994 within three years after graduation, on average. That is a 34 percent bump on their pre-MBA salary. The fat salaries help explain why Warwick graduates rated the school number one for career progress and third for international mobility globally. The career services team at Warwick is also rated as the fifth best.

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Lincoln, Nebraska 4 Followers 6 Discussions

Nebraska’s Online MBA alumni see one of the largest salary boosts of any online course ranked by the FT: a hefty 40 percent. They earn $122,952 after three years. The business school is rated highly for its career services, which help students find jobs or secure promotions or pay rises. It is also ranked in the top-10 for career progress. As of 2018, tuition fees are just over $30,000 for the entire AACSB-accredited MBA. 

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Amherst, Massachusetts 11 Followers 36 Discussions

Isenberg is ranked third overall by the FT and fifth in terms of value for money. Three years after graduation, MBAs see a hefty $168,088 salary, on average, which is a 32 percent increase on their pre-MBA pay. According to the FT ranking, the business school is well-known for the quality of its course delivery, in terms of live teaching sessions and online exams. In addition, it scored highly for online interaction between participants and professors. 

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Sydney, Australia 35 Followers 85 Discussions

Australia’s AGSM Business School is one of the country’s finest. With its tuition hovering at around $40,000 USD and salaries of $124,308 at the three-year mark, it’s easy to see why AGSM’s AACSB-accredited Online MBA is considered the sixth best business school when it comes to value for money. 

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Champaign, Illinois 28 Followers 52 Discussions
Illinois Urbana-Champaign

The school’s iMBA program, which it offers in partnership with Coursera, launched in 2016 to much fanfare. Not only is it one of the most affordable US-based AACSB-accredited Online MBA programs, its structure allows for a lot of flexibility.  

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Lima, Peru 4 Followers 6 Discussions

One of Peru’s premier business schools, Centrum Católica has an Online MBA program that is ranked in the top-20 overall by the FT. It is ranked even better on value for money: number eight. Tuition is low: about $21,000 USD, as of 2018. But graduates have relatively lower salaries, too: $104,645, but still a 34 percent boost on pre-MBA pay. 

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