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Executive MBA facts

  • Tuition 16,500

  • Duration 24 months

  • Intakes October

  • Avg. Work Exp. 11.6 yrs

Full Profile

The Program

We are proud to announce the launching of the Katalyst EMBA, the first truly international EMBA program in Central and Eastern Europe that is specifically designed for busy and forward-thinking executives, entrepreneurs and other management professionals.

The Katalyst EMBA is the result of a yearlong intensive planning effort and budding strategic cooperation by two highly regarded and experienced business schools— CEU Business School in Budapest and the Warsaw University of Technology Business School in Warsaw. This weekend program will be delivered in Warsaw and Budapest in parallel approximately every three weekends. The program will leverage the deep knowledge, resources, experience and creative imagination of faculty and students at both institutions. Novel and valuable new learning approaches that form part of the Katalyst EMBA include a state-of-the-art modernized curriculum, study teams comprising CEU and WUT students, introduction of special holistic thematic weekends and “super- Katalyst-weekends” (when both classes will meet to together in Warsaw or Budapest). We believe that this first-of-its-kind EMBA collaboration will contribute immeasurably to the nurturing of needed managerial and entrepreneurial talent in the CEE and beyond.

The MBA degree is awarded by Warsaw University of Technology, and its quality and international standing are assured by the participation of three leading Western Business Schools: London Business School, HEC School of Management Paris, Norwegian School of Economics, confirmed in Diploma.

In response to modern business world expectations, Warsaw University of Technology Business School has transformed an out-of-date traditional structure of managerial programmes into an innovative THREE PILLARS approach which aspires to shape advanced leaders.

All programmes offered by WUT Business School are based on those three pillars: Knowledge for Business, Business in Actionand Personal Development. These result in a responsible, effective and competent leader, capable of facing modern world challenges.

The Business School

Warsaw University of Technology Business School is one of the leaders in business education in Poland, created in 1991 as a joint venture of:

  • HEC School of Management Paris - 2nd European business school (Financial Times 2016)
  • London Business School - 1st European business school (Financial Times 2016)
  • Norwegian School of Economics - the best Norwegian school of commerce, 38th position in Europe (Financial Times 2016)
  • Warsaw University of Technology - the best Polish university of technology

European perspective and international nature of education - on both lecturers and students side - is the strong advantage of the School. The WUT Business School secured its position among the top MBA programmes both in Poland and abroad:

  • 10th position in Executive MBA & MBA Part Time Eastern Europe, Eduniversal Best Masters 2015-2016
  • 1st place in alumni's opinion, 1st place in substantive features of the Programme and 3rd place in general classification in Perspektywy MBA Ranking 2016

WUT BS invites you to take part in it's MBA studies:

  • Executive MBA - a two-year, part-time

Executive MBA programme has got the prestigious EPAS accreditation granted by European Foundation for Management Development.

The classes are conducted fully in English with the strong attention paid to interactive methods and modern technologies. The School has a strong Students and Alumni Association which is the largest association of MBA graduates in Poland.

Programme location: the heart of the capital of Poland, a visit in one of the Partner Schools is proposed during the studies.

Starting date: October 2017


Worldwide recognition of the partner institutions

Unique opportunity to become familiar with four European management styles

Opportunity to boost your leadership potential and career profile in the challenging international environment

MBA diploma with the prestigious EPAS accreditation

You will join the community of successful business leaders!

For any queries feel free to contact our MBA Office at: [email protected]

Contact: Koszykowa 79, 02-008 Warsaw, Poland tel.+48 (0) 22 234 70 89, +48 (0) 22 234 70 85 fax. +48 (0) 22 234 70 16 http://www.business.edu.pl

The Faculty

The professorial staff is composed of lecturers from Partner Schools and practitioners from international companies. The School emphasizes also in the education process the participation of business practitioners from such reputable companies as: Accenture, Case&White, l'Oreal, Oracle, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Procter&Gamble.

In addition to standard learning activities, the School organizes also meetings with famous people from business and political circles. In that way we help our students to enter useful relations and to engage in key business problems in Europe.

Entry Requirements

Executive MBA- M.A. Diploma and three years of professional experience or BA Diploma and at least five years of professional experience.

Application Procedure

Recruitment process

  • 14 September - Open Lecture    |    Sign up here
  • 21 September - Webinarium     |     Sign up here
  • 2 October - Deadline for documents' submission:
  • 7 October - Test in English & Managerial predispositions test
  • 17 October - Recruitment results

1. Application Form

Caring for your convenience, we have introduced a possibility to apply to the MBA course on-line. After filling in the form via the "On-line recruitment" module, please visit the School in order to:

  • provide a full set of necessary documents (listed below)
  • set the date of a qualifying interview
  • sign the application.


2. Covering Letter explaining why you would like to study at our School (it should not exceed one typewritten page), one version in English and one version in Polish (foreigners are requested to hand in only the English version). The recruiting committee will read this letter very carefully.

3. An Authenticated Copy Of Your M.A. Diploma or B.A. Diploma(original) or a letter from your M.A. or M.Sc. supervisor specifying the expected time of your M.A. or M.Sc. examination. If your M.A. or M.Sc. exam cannot take place prior to 30 September, you can apply for a status of a freelancer.

4. An Authenticated Copy Of Your Grades over the last two years of your studies. This should be issued by your Dean's office or registry. It can be an authenticated computer printout.

5. A document confirming your work experience:

5.1 Applicants graduating from master-degree studies must demonstrate at least 3 years of work experience prior to the start of the programme.

5.2 Applicants graduating from bachelor or engineer studies are eligible if the candidate can demonstrate at least 5 years of professional experience.

6. Passport photographs in electronic version.

7. If possible, additional documents (originals): certificates proving completion of courses, letters of recommendation, diplomas, etc.

8. Proof of Payment for the recruitment process (including the interview) Total amount: PLN 590 (EU citizens) or 200 Euro (non-EU-citizens, non-refundable) Politechnika Warszawska Szkola Biznesu, Bank PEKAO S.A. IV Oddzial Warszawa, nr 13 1240 1053 5111 6410 0010 0091.

Tuition and Fees

Course fee for 2017-2019 EMBA Programme is:

  • 69 600 PLN – for Polish citizens and permanent residence card/Polish Card holders
  • 15 900 EUR – for other candidates

Course fee is paid in eight instalments.

Entrance examination fee: PLN 590 (EU citizens) or EUR 200 (non-EU-citizens, non-refundable)


Warsaw, the capital of Poland and its largest metropolitan area, is located in the central part of the country. As the capital of the country, Warsaw is the center of public and cultural life; there are hundreds of galleries, theaters, cinemas, music scenes; several prestigious international cultural festivals and competitions take place here every year.

Warsaw is a nice city to stay in. Located on both sides of the Vistula river, it has numerous parks and gardens, including the world-renowned palace and park complex, Lazienki, where a piano concert takes place every Sunday. Mild weather makes outdoor activities pleasurable from mid-spring to late fall; in winter you can sometimes enjoy snow covering streets and trees. More important, with its 1.8 million population Warsaw managed to avoid many of the social problems that have affected large North American and European cities.

Warsaw is also one of the largest academic centers in Europe. Approximately 200 000 young people are currently studying at more than 50 universities and colleges. We are particularly proud of one of these - the Warsaw University of Technology Business School.


Students can be accommodated in student dormitories and rent rooms or apartments in the city. Accommodation cost varies between 200 and 400 Euros per month, depending on the location and the living conditions. The approximate living costs in Poland are between 400 and 600 Euros per month.

To live in a student dormitory can be a very stimulating experience. Polish students and students from all over the world meet here and have the opportunity to get to know each other and to become lifelong friends. But living in a dormitory is also demanding in a way. Students living in the same corridor come from many cultures and have different habits and ideas on how to do different things.

Almost 5000 students live in purpose-built student houses at the University Campus. The accommodation consists of fully furnished bedrooms. The price of a shared room is about 600 PLN per month per person.

Information about private accommodation for student can be gathered from local newspapers. Private accommodation needs more careful planning and the price depends on various factors, in particular on the distance from the University, the quality of the flat and the facilities made available by the householder.

Programs at WUT

Executive MBA

24 months
  • Lectures held Fridays through Sundays
  • Tuition fees for domestic students are 69600 PLN
  • Optional international study visits in England, China, India or Columbia

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