Upcoming European QS World MBA Tour Events This Fall

Upcoming European QS World MBA Tour Events This Fall

This fall, meet representatives from business schools like Cornell, LBS, IE Business School, and others

This fall, the QS World MBA Tour is putting on a series of events in Europe, which allow prospective MBA students to meet with business schools from all over the world. 

The events will take place in Madrid, London, Paris, Munich, and other cities in Europe. See a list below for the list of dates and cities.

This year, in some cities, Executive MBA events will also be held.

At the events prospective MBA students have the chance to talk directly with the admissions directors and find out more on individual MBA programs, the application process and funding, as well as post-MBA career opportunities.

Event attendees will also have the chance to apply for scholarships valued at $1.7 million, provided by QS and in cooperation with selected business schools.

Attending business schools include ESMT Business School, INSEAD, Cornell University's Johnson School of Management, London Business School, the GW School of Business and more. See a complete list and register for a fair at  www.topmba.com/events

Besides meeting with business school representatives and learning about MBA programs, tour attendees will also be able to attend panel discussions and school presentations, learn more about the GMAT, and connect with business school alumni.

The following events are currently scheduled:

  • Istanbul, 1st October
  • Vienna, 4th October
  • Warsaw, 6th October
  • Moscow, 8th October (plus Executive MBA fair)
  • Stockholm, 10th October
  • Oslo, 12th October
  • Copenhagen, 13th October (Executive MBA fair only)
  • Paris, 15th October (plus Executive MBA fair)
  • Milan, 17th October
  • Madrid, 20th October
  • London, 22nd October (plus Executive MBA fair)
  • Bucharest, 24th October
  • Munich, 27th October (plus Executive MBA fair)
  • Frankfurt, 29th October (plus Executive MBA fair)
  • Zurich, 31st October (plus Executive MBA fair)

For more information, please see the QS World MBA Tour Europe page.

Image: DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0 (cropped)


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