Top MBA Programs for Technology or Information Technology (IT) 2019

An MBA in Technology or Information Technology (IT) can be a rewarding step for many students. 

Indeed, firms in the technology field, such as behemoths like Amazon, Google, and Facebook, are increasingly hungry for MBA talent to help drive their businesses. To land jobs in these and other companies, an MBA grad may need a unique combination of talents, including management skills and an understanding of complex technology. 

Fortunately, an MBA in Technology can help meet these needs. A specialized MBA in the Technology field might cover a number of topics, perhaps including innovation, analytics, and supply chain management.

Post-MBA careers in technology can take many forms, from an information technology manager at a consulting firm to a director of data management. An MBA can help students interested in this field understand the managerial and strategic implications of technology in business. And increasingly, online businesses like Amazon and Google are hiring MBAs in management positions. Students who want a better understanding the technology itself can pursue hybrid degree options like an MS/MBA.

Berkeley, California 86 Followers 109 Discussions
UC Berkeley - Haas

Haas’ proximity to San Francisco and Silicon Valley make it an ideal choice for MBAs looking for jobs in the technology field. The school’s top employers include a range of tech and internet firms, such as Google, eBay, and Adobe. Almost 32 percent of the school’s MBA class of 2018 went into the technology field

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Berlin, Germany 137 Followers 139 Discussions
ESMT Berlin

In recent years, over 30 percent of ESMT’s MBA class have gone into roles in the technology industries. The school’s elective track in “Management of Innovation and Technology” covers a variety of topics; its Berlin location puts it in the heart of a blossoming tech hub.

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Provo, Utah 20 Followers 40 Discussions
BYU - Marriott

Some 40 percent of BYU’s MBA class of 2018 went into the technology sector. Hiring companies have included Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, HP, Amazon, Dell, and others in the sector.

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Irvine, California 38 Followers 39 Discussions
UC Irvine - Merage

The school’s Center for Digital Transformation produces relevant resources and puts on technology-related events. For technology-minded students, the school’s MBA specialization in Digital Transformation helps students understand what it takes to succeed in the digital economy.     

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Stanford, California 87 Followers 165 Discussions

Smack dab in the middle of Silicon Valley, there’s perhaps no business school that’s closer to the headquarters of some of the world’s biggest technology firms. Over one-third of Stanford’s MBA class of 2018 went into the technology field.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 31 Followers 95 Discussions

Tepper offers a robust selection of electives in information technology, as well as an MBA track in “Technology Leadership.” The school's recently-launched campus in Silicon Valley will only solidify ties with the tech industry. In recent years, between 30 and 40 percent of the school’s MBA cohort have gone into the technology industry.

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Seattle, Washington 27 Followers 28 Discussions
Washington - Foster

Close to Redmond, Washington (the home of Microsoft), Foster is right in the middle of a bustling tech center. With specialized offerings like the “Technology Management” MBA, a whopping 60 percent of the school’s MBA class of 2018 went into the technology sector, the highest percentage of any business school surveyed by FIND MBA.

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Tempe, Arizona 25 Followers 77 Discussions
ASU - Carey

In recent years, ASU - Carey has become a recruiting destination for tech firms like Amazon, Adobe, IBM, Go Daddy, and others hungry for MBAs. The school offers an MBA concentration in Information Management.

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Shanghai, China 34 Followers 78 Discussions
CEIBS - Shanghai

Almost one-quarter of CEIBS' class of 2018 went into technology companies - an increase over pervious years. Tech behemoths like Amazon, Microsoft, Intel have snapped up grads in recent years.

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Ahmedabad, India 11 Followers 203 Discussions

Information technology is a $70 billion industry in India, and IIM-A students know this: typically, over half of the school’s PGP-X grads go into the sector.

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