Top Business Schools for Consulting 2019

A job in management consulting is one of the most popular—if not the most popular—career step for recent MBA grads. Sometimes people already working in consulting get an MBA as a way to advance their careers in the industry; others use the MBA as a gateway into the sector.

For many consulting-minded MBAs, top firm destinations including the "Big Three" consulting firms, which are the three largest consulting firms by revenue—McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group, Bain & Company—otherwise known collectively as the “MBB firms,” However, there are also many jobs available in other firms like A.T Kearney and Accenture, as well as smaller niche-oriented and regional consulting companies. Consulting-minded MBAs might note that the larger firms often break their offerings down into functional areas; for example, a consulting company might offer services in operations consulting or technology consulting. Above all, the best MBAs for consulting will most likely have recruiting relationships with—and a strong alumni presence in—consulting firms.

An MBA in Consulting can also lead to a job as an internal consultant, who advises firms on strategy and development, from the inside.

Business schools rarely offer MBA specializations in Consulting—or even specialized MBAs in Consulting—however, some offer specializations in Strategy or Strategic Management. Most MBA programs also feature relevant classes in their core offerings. Some MBA programs offer students the opportunity to do a consulting project as part of the program. 

The best MBAs for consulting will offer a range of curriculum important to the field, such as classes in strategy and business development. Strong business schools for consulting will also have good connections with management consulting firms, and may even hold on-campus recruiting sessions with the firms.

Below is a list of the top ten business schools to land a career in management consulting.

London, United Kingdom 136 Followers 421 Discussions
London Business School (LBS)

Looking at the school's employment statistics, LBS is truly one of the best MBAs for consulting: Over one-third of LBS’ 2018 MBA grads got jobs in the consulting sector, many of them landing jobs with large consultancies like Boston Consulting, McKinsey, Bain, and Strategy&. The school’s MBA offers various options for students to improve their consulting chops, including a summer consulting project.

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New York City, New York 142 Followers 232 Discussions
Columbia CBS

The Big Three love Columbia MBAs. McKinsey hired 55 Columbia grads in 2016; Bain hired 27 and Boston Consulting snapped up 36. In all, over one-third—33.1 percent—of Columbia’s 2016 cohort went into the strategy consulting industry after the MBA.

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Fontainebleau, France 60 Followers 279 Discussions
INSEAD - Europe Campus

The percentage of INSEAD MBAs going into the consulting sector generally ranges from between 30 to 40 percent. In 2018, it was whopping 52 percent—the highest rate of all schools surveyed by FIND MBA. INSEAD remains a major feeder school for large consultant firms in Europe, with 131 of the 2018 cohort going to McKinsey (55 of whom returned from pre-MBA jobs there), 78 to Boston Consulting, 65 to Bain, 31 to Strategy& (formerly Booz), and 10 to Roland Berger.

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Evanston, Illinois 60 Followers 186 Discussions
Northwestern - Kellogg

Although the school does not offer an MBA concentration in Consulting, it does offer a major in Managing Organizations. Generally, over one-third of any given Kellogg MBA cohort goes into the consulting industry. In 2018, the top three hiring companies of Kellogg MBAs were McKinsey, Bain, and the Boston Consulting Group.

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Charlottesville, Virginia 25 Followers 58 Discussions

Thirty-two percent of 2018 Darden MBA grads went into the consulting field, working for firms like A.T. Kearney, Deloitte Consulting, and Bain & Company. Darden offers an MBA concentration in Strategy Consulting.

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Cambridge, Massachusetts 42 Followers 159 Discussions
MIT - Sloan

Almost 32 percent of Sloan’s 2018 MBA cohort went into the consulting industry, with many getting hired by either McKinsey (22 grads), Boston Consulting (24), Bain (15), or Deloitte (9). Over 38 percent of all MBAs got jobs with a consulting or strategic planning function.

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New Haven, Connecticut 37 Followers 59 Discussions

Almost 35 percent of 2018 Yale MBAs went into functional roles in consulting—either internal consulting or external. Yale grads are regularly snapped up by McKinsey, Booz Allen Hamilton, and the Boston Consulting Group.

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London, Canada 32 Followers 73 Discussions
Western Ontario - Ivey

Twenty-eight percent of 2018 Ivey MBAs went into the consulting industry - the highest rate of all Canadian business schools surveyed by FIND MBA. Many of the school’s graduates end up in the Toronto area, where there are headquarters for many management consulting firms. The school’s MBA offers a range of consulting-oriented electives in the Corporate Strategy & Leadership area.

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Hong Kong, Hong Kong (PRC) 40 Followers 79 Discussions

HKU MBA students can choose to do a London or New York track—to study at London Business School or Columbia Business School, respectively—meaning that they can be on the ground in two of the best places for consulting jobs. Students can also participate in the Consulting Club for networking purposes. Of the most recent HKU MBA graduating class, some 24 percent went into the consulting industry. 

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London, United Kingdom 86 Followers 305 Discussions

Imperial students who are interested in consulting can choose from a range of electives from the program’s Strategy & Management course portfolio. Some 25 percent of 2018 Imperial MBAs went into the consulting sector. Firms like Deloitte and Strategy& regularly snap up graduates.

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