I'm a marketing professional looking to complement my career as a brand manager and strategist with an MBA with a marketing specialty. I have over 10 years experience and in this stage of my life an online degree makes the most sense as I can work it in with my full time job, and online degrees are more and more acceptable, especially in my line of work.

I am located in the US (currently on the west coast but looking to move back east this year) and am finding that I should be able to be accepted to most online programs based on my undergrad and masters degrees, GPAs and 10+ years work experience. I am not as concerned, as I would be if I was going full time immediately following undergrad, for a program's name, though I would like to be sure I'm getting both synchronous AND asynchronous classtime, and do want to ensure I'm investing in a recognizable program from a reputable school (not just looking for least expensive, but price is definitely a factor). I want to commit some time and the more interaction I can have with my teachers and classmates online, the better.

So far I've been looking at:

U Mass Amherst (Isenberg)
UF (Hough)
Temple (Fox)
Washington State (Carson)

The platform Syracuse (Whitman) and UNC use (2U) I really like. Class sizes are small and the programs look really good, but the prices are astronomical. I'm looking strongly at Isenberg because it has gotten great reviews and the price is right. I'm also looking at Temple which does four-week classes, but it seems to require less time investment than Whitman (I want to get value out of this not just have it be a breeze). So far Temple is the only school that offer merit-based scholarships that I would qualify for. Both Syracuse and Temple have some onsite study and both allow some in-person class time but Amherst only has the latter. Indiana has a great program as well. Washington State is in there because of the value. (I live in the Pacific Northwest and have heard good things about it). Does anyone have opinions on these online MBAs and their marketing programs in general from the inside? Or recommend any others? Thanks for your insight!

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