Looks like Forbes is going to put out its biennial business school rankings soon (if not today?) My predictions:

Top tier:

- Top five will be essentially the same as the last ranking, in some incrementally different, (and similarly boring) order: Harvard/Stanford/Wharton/Booth/Columbia

- Yale will drop down the list further - maybe even into the 20's. Its recent salary stats haven't been good indication of performance.

- Stern and UCLA will all rise. Maybe Stern will break into the top-10.

- Ross is the wildcard in the top tier - it rose in the last ranking but the average GMAT for incoming candidates has dropped a bit since then, so it could fall a couple of places.

And in the lower tier:
-Babson Olin? Its focus in entrepreneurship is taking hold, and the cohort quality has increased somewhat over the past few years - could it rise?

- USC Marshall will go up a few notches. So will Notre Dame.

- Rollins/Crummer, Connecticut, and a few other schools will drop (maybe substantially)