I'm Eric from India. I've already done an MBA from XLRI Jamshedpur in Human Resources Management. XLRI is ranked 1 in Asia Pacific for its HR program and is quite competitive to get into.

However since this course concentrated mostly on HR and since the MBA itself doesn't have much of a brand outside India, I wish to do a second MBA from a top Ivy League school in the USA. I've heard that a considerable number of foreign applicants do their second MBAs in these top grade universities.

As far as work ex goes, I've been with KPMG for the last four years and have grown from an Associate Consultant to a Senior Consultant. I've had two promotions in this time.

I wish to know my chances of making it to one of the Ivy League schools considering my gpa in XLRI is 5.5/8.

Though the gpa is average-ish, it deserves more merit as it is from a good institute like XLRI. Considering good recos, good essays and a GMAT of 730+, what are my chances of getting into a good school like Wharton, Harvard, Chicago Booth, Columbia Business School etc..?