The FT Publishes New Finance MBA Ranking

Stanford, Harvard, and Cambridge - Judge have the best MBAs in the world for a career in finance, according to the publication

The Financial Times has published a new list, which ranks the top MBA programs in the world for a career in finance.

According to the new ranking, Stanford Graduate School of Business School has the top MBA for finance-related careers. According to data from the publication, post-MBA salaries of Stanford grads working in finance—$266,000, on average—are the highest of any other school surveyed. 

Harvard Business School, another stalwart, is ranked second. While Harvard MBA grads in finance showed stronger salary gains versus pre-MBA than Stanford grads, their overall salaries were a bit lower.

Indeed, US business schools dominate the top 10. NYU - Stern is ranked fourth; Chicago - Booth is fifth; the Wharton School is seventh; Dartmouth - Tuck is ninth; and Northwestern - Kellogg is tenth.

There are three non-US schools in the ranking. The University of Cambridge's Judge Business School's MBA was ranked third; Insead is ranked sixth; and Oxford - Said is ranked eighth.

See the top 20 MBA programs for finance, as listed by the Financial Times, below.

The list was compiled by taking a number of factors into consideration, including post-MBA salary, salary increase, and career progression. The 50 schools listed are based in 11 different countries, with more than half (27) in the US.

FIND MBA has two separate Top 10 Lists for finance: A top 10 list for careers in corporate finance, and a top 10 list for careers in financial services. These lists were compiled by taking a number of factors into consideration, including external ranking data and international balance.

Top 10 MBAs for Finance 2017 (from the Financial Times)

2017 Rank Business School Average Post-MBA Salary (USD) Salary Increase %
1 Stanford $266,000 104
2 Harvard $232,000 113
3 Cambridge - Judge $209,000 126
4 NYU - Stern $171,000 103
5 Chicago - Booth $179,000 107
6 Insead $192,000 109
7 Wharton $201,000 91
8 Oxford - Said $155,000 94
9 Dartmouth - Tuck $189,000 111
10 Northwestern - Kellogg $178,000 115
11 London Business School $169,000 95
12 University of Hong Kong $125,000 114
13 Michigan - Ross $169,000 134
14 CUHK $139,000 132
15 Columbia $179,000 98
16 HKUST $154,000 113
17 Virginia - Darden $162,000 151
18 SDA Bocconi $147,000 128
19 IE Business School $177,000 115
20 Cornell - Johnson $154,000 116

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