Hello all,
very new to the site but would greatly appreciate some advice on how to plan my next steps.
I am a medical doctor working in London and would like to progress on to the top level managerial ranks within the NHS. i have been following (since 2008) proposals on planned courses such as 'MBA health', 'EMBA healthcare', 'MSc clinical leadership' etc which is more specific to my needs but quite new to a number of business schools.
from my basic research, i have discovered that Keele, Brunel, birbeck college(in conjunction with the Royal college of physicians) and Warwick universities are the main players offering this new programme, touting their respective selves as being the best in this brand new programme.
However i note that warwick business school is the only triple accredited out of the above selection.
i like the Brunel package mainly due to their parttime timings (fridays and saturdays) and close proximity which means less disruption at work vs warwick which is quite a distance from me and my workplace.
i would value any advice or opinions on this or indeed alternative schools please as all this is quite new to me.
Many thanks in advance