I have 15+ years of experience in IT and with 10+ in Managerial. Since I am not able to grow up in corporate ladder due to competition from IIMs and XLRIs, I did a MBA distance in IT, but it did not help me. Due to the requirement of GMAT and high fees in India, I thought of doing it in UK and applied for few universities. Currently, I have admission from University of Portsmouth, University of Salford, University of Hull and awaiting admission from Sheffield. I am also considering to move my line from IT to Brand Marketing.
I have few questions:
1. Can you please suggest which of these University would be the better option ?
2. Is there any other universities I can try which are all of better reputation and have lesser fees?
3. Is there any university offering placements or at-least internships?
4. What is the job prospect for my profile considering my age (40) and experience in UK or any other countries?
Thank you,