I saw this, and maybe it's of interest to people:


The FT refreshed its Best MBAs for Finance ranking earlier this month. The usual subjects are there (led by Stanford, Wharton, Booth, Harvard, and NYU). The first non-US school is Insead at #7.

The ranking has shuffled a bit from last year but not substantially. But what I find interesting is the volatility of the salaries compared to last year. For instance, average salaries for Stanford grads going into finance roles was $252k, down $14k from last year's ranking (even though for all surveyed grads, average salaries were up almost $20k.) For Booth, the number rose $32k to $211k for finance grads, even though the general increase for all surveyed grads was just under $6k. For the finance ranking, there were a lot of upswings (Ceibs average salaries increased almost $30k for example) but also downswings (Cambridge was down $25k).

While there is some volatility in the normal Global MBA rankings, the fluctuations don't seem nearly as severe.

I know these salaries probably vary from year to year and some of the averages might be shifted by outliers but I did find it pretty interesting.