I was recently admitted by both LBS and IESE (Munich campus) to their EMBA programs and I need to decide which to follow. I also have second thoughts about RSM and HEC EMBAs.

My objectives are:
- start working for a large multinational company, in digital transformation or digital related projects across EMEA or at regional level (I am currently working in digital, but in a small corporation based in Bucharest Romania)
- if the above target is not reached, open a business of my own in digital consultancy (I have several opportunities there)
- potentially relocate - ideally in the UK, but Netherlands or Belgium/France are acceptable options (I speak English, French, Greek, Italian and a bit of Chinese)

I thought the following:
- LBS seems the most international school and my favorite, however due to the virus situation in the country and brexit, I am worried about the cohort quality. Plus the budget stretches to my maximum of 80k, scholarship included
- IESE is more entrepreneurship oriented but may be too Spanish / Latin American for my objectives
- I am thinking about HEC because I speak native French, and it could be an advantage in finding a job in France and then move to another country in Europe.
- RSM is a new option that is very much promoted lately in CEE, as Netherlands became the international business hub of Europe after brexit and maybe this offers more opportunities to relocate than LBS.

My limitations/conditions:
- 80k budget
- I don't have much time, so it needs to be an Executive MBA with Friday - Sunday modules, max each 2 weeks
- I need F2F classes as much as possible, networking is important to me

I need to decide by the end of this month, so I would really appreciate your feedback.

Thanks in advance!