Dear All

I am new here, researching which MBA to pursue and wondering about my chances and profile to join a good MBA through distance learning.

I have been looking into distance learning good schools and have drawn a short list and would be interested on your feedback on these.

My profile:
I am 30 with a master in Public Law, a Master in European Affairs and 8 years experience in european project management (business orientated, from writing bids, to leading teams of people from different offices across different EU countries) as well as training small companies on various subjects in different countries in europe too. Living in the UK.

Budget is not exactly an issue but I do not really want to spend over 20k as I also have other things to pay for and a family that hopefully will be growing in the next few years.
Aim is to get a higher profile, open further international opportunities.

My shortlist is:
1. Warwickshire Business School - 16500 pounds for 3 years
2. Edinburgh - Heriot Watt - 800 per course, 9 courses to do?
3. University of Liverpool (i like the different specialisms - entrepreneuship, international) - 12800 pounds

Then not so sure about Henley (i like the project management aspect), Bradford, Durham or Strathclyde

Any views from your experience?

Thanks in advance