Nearly 40 top-rated business schools to attend events in US and UK

The Forté Foundation, a consortium of corporations and business schools aimed at steering talented women toward leadership roles in business, will be hosting a number of "Forté Forum" events in September and October 2008 for propsective MBA students.

Forté sponsors include over three dozen top business school programs from the United States and Europe, including Harvard, INSEAD, and London Business School. Participating schools are listed below.

A following list of dates and cities is below:

September 8 - Chicago
September 9 - Boston
September 10 - Washingon DC
September 15 - Los Angeles
September 16 - San Francisco
September 17 - Houston
September 18 - Atlanta
September  23 -New York City
September 24 - New York City

October 7 - London

For more information, please visit the event website.


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