The top non-US one-year and two-year business schools also listed

US business magazine Forbes has published its biennial "Best Business Schools" Guide. The rankings measure "return on investment" based on a survey of nearly 4,000 MBA graduates from the Class of 2002 about how their salaries have changed since earning an MBA.

The top five ranked schools are Dartmouth (Tuck), Stanford, Harvard, Virginia (Darden), and Pennsylvania (Wharton) of US business schools.

Forbes has also published a listing of Top Non-US One-year and Two-year Business Schools, including IMD, IESE, INSEAD, London Business School, Manchester, and Instituto de Empresa.

Complete Forbes 2007 rankings can be found by following this link.

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Berkeley, California 101 Followers 116 Discussions
Charlottesville, Virginia 27 Followers 63 Discussions
Barcelona, Spain 29 Followers 169 Discussions
Lausanne, Switzerland 46 Followers 156 Discussions
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 68 Followers 173 Discussions
Cambridge, Massachusetts 54 Followers 175 Discussions
Madrid, Spain 114 Followers 370 Discussions
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 38 Followers 92 Discussions
London, United Kingdom 169 Followers 475 Discussions
East Lansing, Michigan 20 Followers 58 Discussions
Manchester, United Kingdom 65 Followers 516 Discussions
Fontainebleau, France 74 Followers 309 Discussions
Provo, Utah 22 Followers 40 Discussions
Hanover, New Hampshire 17 Followers 49 Discussions
Boston, Massachusetts 87 Followers 205 Discussions
Stanford, California 99 Followers 171 Discussions
New Haven, Connecticut 43 Followers 62 Discussions
Madrid, Spain 3 Followers 107 Discussions
Chicago, Illinois 42 Followers 150 Discussions
Evanston, Illinois 72 Followers 206 Discussions
Iowa City, Iowa 8 Followers 32 Discussions
Ithaca, New York 89 Followers 136 Discussions
New York City, New York 159 Followers 259 Discussions
New York City, New York 178 Followers 249 Discussions
Durham, North Carolina 52 Followers 103 Discussions
Austin, Texas 47 Followers 77 Discussions
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 37 Followers 76 Discussions

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