Hi all!
I am looking to apply for a MBA to start in 2010. I currently live in London (UK) so am not very familiar with the US system. My wife's sister is living in LA and she would like me to focus my search for a course there or perhaps San Fran.

In an ideal world I would like to do an MBA with electives in Real Estate. Other than USC Marshall are there any other schools anyone could recommend with a Real Estate focus?

Also how hard is USC to get into?? I realise thats a difficult question to answer but I am just curious whether it is only for the ultra ELITE or whether those ranked in the top 1/4 of their class should apply. I have a GMAT of 700, a degree in Estate Management with a 2:1 grade (which is the equivilent of a B+) not sure what gpa that would equate to.

I have been self employed for the last 5 years running a sucessfull property development company, will this negatively effect my application? I get the impression from what I have read that an applicant should be in large firm already?

Any suggestions where someone who is self employed should get letters for recommendation?