I often come across applicants who want to study in the UK for a year, but struggle to get into a top MBA because they lack an honours degree with strong grades. Here's an interesting option: University College Birmingham, a smaller school currently associated with the University of Birmingham, will issue Warwick degrees from January onwards: https://www.ucb.ac.uk/about-us/university-of-warwick-accreditation/

UCB is much easier to get into than either Birmingham or Warwick. It offers a range of on-campus and online degrees, including a two-semester top-up BA or BSc (Honours) in a range of options. Given the choice between a 'freshers MBA' from a very weak school, which might not require a degree (somewhere like York St John or Cardiff Metropolitan), and a BSc with honours from a Russell Group school like Birmingham or Warwick might open more doors, and be more affordable.

[Edited by StuartHE on Sep 22, 2021]