I am going to argue the case that the next year may be the most opportune time to do an MBA in the UK.

The prime reason is relative cost compared to undergraduate degrees.

Students embarking on undergraduate degrees in England and Wales will pay up to £27k in tuition fees alone for three years of study. Those studying in Scotland who have not been classified as residents could pay up to £36k as degrees there normally last for four years.

Now if I was a prospective student I would be tempted to look at earning potential from an MBA versus undergrad degrees. I would then seek out an apprenticeship scheme from one of the big accountancy firms and get them to pay for my qualifications while I learn. A few years down the line I would apply for an MBA with the cash saved on undergrad fees! Of course hindsight is a wonderful thing!

I think the big business schools will recognise disparity in costs against outcomes and therefore push up the cost of future MBA tuition in order to differentiate the value offered from their MBA degrees.