Hello everybody!

For those who plan on starting an MBA in the fall, FIND MBA has a unique, paid opportunity for a couple of student bloggers.

Each year, FIND MBA hosts several blogs, where current MBA students share their experiences. This gives our readers a real sense of what the experience is like, first-hand. These blogs can be extremely valuable resources for applicants looking for information beyond the polished advertising brochures and marketing information available from business schools.

Bloggers typically write on a number of themes. For example:
* How they picked their program
* Career goals
* The application process
* First impressions of the school, city and/or classmates
* First impressions of a the country (if they've moved overseas)
* Favorite / least favorite MBA classes
* Social life on and off campus
* Job search and recruiting fairs
* Interesting topics discussed in class

This is a paid opportunity and we typically look for people who are going to a top MBA program and already have at least some experience blogging or writing for the web. We are really interested in people who can approach this with an engaging, objective view of their experiences, noting the good and being critical of the not-so-good.

If you're interested, or have any questions, don't hesitate to send me a PM.


Michael Filtz