I fully agree with Katalina on the importance of a visit to the school. It is very helpful to meet the Professors, Faculty and students and experience the city.

It makes sense to touch and feel the product if only to re-evaluate one's own criteria in light of new information. Much of this can be done over the phone and through e-mail correspondence. However, had I visited ESADE and sat in on a class before I chose to study there I would have had a very different impression than the one I formed from reading the press. On the other hand, a visit would only have reinforced my decision to study in Barcelona.

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Hello guys,
I know it's a must for me to go to Spain to get a personal impression. It's funny that you say that now James, because I was just starting to prepare my trip! Christmas, or Eastern, I guess the latter, X-mas is a bit short from now.
Until now the main information source (besides school's websites, and posts in this board) is in fact what friends and people I know have been telling me - about programs, cultural setting, way and cost of living, Barcelona vs. Madrid etc.
It's time to make my own evaluation!