The FT publishes ranks the top 100 EMBAs and full-time MBAs but, of course, it has to consider more than 100 schools to find the best 100. In its European Business Schools ranking, published annually, it ranks the major Executive MBA programmes, including a dozen or so that didn't get into the top 100.

They are ranked below by their European ranking. The 100th school in the EMBA ranking worldwide, Sabancı Business School, is ranked 50th in Europe. Católica / Nova, NHH, St Petersburg University and Politecnico di Milano fell out of the top 100 this year. Admissions to these schools will generally be much easier after one or two years out of the top 100.

School Name | EMBA 2021 European rank
Lancaster University Management School 51
Rennes School of Business 52
University of Amsterdam — Faculty of Economics and Business 53
Politecnico di Milano School of Management 54
St Petersburg University, Graduate School of Management 54
NHH Norwegian School of Economics 56
Audencia Business School 57
Eada Business School Barcelona 58
Nova School of Business and Economics 59
Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics 59
Iscte Business School 61
Porto Business School, University of Porto 62