Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

the WU Executive Academy which is part of the Vienna University of Economics and Business in Austria, Vienna offers a double accredited MBA in Energy Management.

Study with the best:
For this program we have brought together a specialist faculty second to none.
Among our leading international experts are:
Adnan Shihab-Eldin, former General Secretary of OPEC
Majid A. Al-Moneef, Governor of Saudi Arabia to OPEC
Heinz Leuenberger, Director of the UNIDO
Piyasvasti Amranand, Minister of Energy in Thailand

Get the big picture:
This program offers in-depth study of all the major energy industries. Many other executive education providers offer courses only covering one type of energy. Our approach integrates oil & gas, renewable energy sources and nuclear power.

Unbeatable location:
Both OPEC and IAEA have their headquarters in Vienna. Our program benefits tremendously from the diverse expertise on various aspects of the energy business centered right here.

Compact structure ? direct networking:
The program is organized into groups of 15 to 25 participants to maximize effective knowledge transfer. Our faculty has a high level of direct interaction with participants - making for effective discussion, an optimal learning environment and also an ideal networking platform. Our faculty and administrative personnel support participants throughout the course and afterwards, with our dedicated alumni services.

International Peer Group:
Our Energy MBA-program is also very international when it comes to our excellent student peer group ?our participants come from all over the world, e.g., UAE, Libya, Colombia, Mexico, Russia, Canada, Nigeria etc., sharing their diverse professional and cultural backgrounds and perspectives with their colleagues. In doing so, they contribute to the quality of the program to the same extent our faculty does.

A blended learning approach with e-learning sessions before and after each in-class session allows participants to enroll in the program while developing their individual careers. Four out of five residencies of 10 days each take place in Vienna, one residency takes place in the Gulf Region (November 2009 in Abu Dhabi). This residency is designed to not only cover specific topics during the various modules but also provide insights into different local energy companies, e.g. ADNOC and Masdar.

If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact: [email protected]