Hi everyone, Im just graduated of tourism and hostpitality courese in Uni, and interesting about the MBA which related to event management.

Actually I'm not quite sure are there any MBA course only for event (or festival) management in Aus and will help for future employment. But still, even only the master of event management, can anyone give me some recommendation? Such as which Uni is good for this course or authority?

Did anyone heard about the Southern Cross University? this school has the MBA called "MBA (Grad Dip, Grad Cert) in Hotel & Tourism Management" this is not target on event but on tourism and hospitality which is I also interested. for event management they've only has masters. Is this Uni good or not coz I've no idea of that.....

I also heard about the good MBA schools in Melbourne that MBS and AGSM, but I dont think they have the MBA course only for event management, don't they?

Hope anyone can help me ....thanks a lot!!!