I have just been looking at AGSM MBA Executive. Very interesting. But I have some concerns:

First section is a Graduate Diploma in Management. 6 core, 2 electives. Organised at venues in major Australian cities or two long weekends in Sydney. Good flexibility here and you have 2.5-7 years to complete diploma stage and the second stage.

The flipside of such flexibility of intensity and order of modules means the cohort during your study is limited.

I assume that means the academics that deliver these courses are local to the city ? Does this dilute the experience? (About 30kAUD for this section)

The second section is strategy year, 4xweek residentials in Sydney.(40kAUD for this section, total about 70kAUD))

If you don't achieve >65% average in your diploma modules, then you cannot progress to the Strategy year and exit with a diploma.

1) It is not clear whether there is a quota system in operation, or whether the Diploma classes (each module one evening a week over 12 weeks) are open to anyone qualifying and intending to complete just a Certificate or Diploma. This would also dilute the EMBA cohort experience in my view.

2) I have read variance of quality of the class delivery, and it concerns me that if you missed the 65% for whatever reason, you could end up with a very expensive diploma (30kAUD). Which by coincidence is the costs of many business Masters at several Australian universities...

The rest of what I have been reading is very positive -especially concerning the strategy year.

Does anyone have any comments or experience of how the program works in practice?