Hi guys. I am currently looking at a few Chinese MBA since I am interested in returning to the region in the future. I am a Chinese American who can read/write fluently in Chinese. I have about 2.5 years of experience in doing IT related work and got 700+ on my GMAT. However, I cannot find that much information on Beida, Tsinghua, and Fudan's MBA programs (BW, FT don't provide much info), so I was wondering if you guys can help me with these questions:

1. is MBA a valuable degree in China? And do Chinese bschools provide good opportunities to network and finding internships/jobs? And how do they measure against Top20 U.S. MBA in specifically China/Asia?

2. I noticed that Beida + Tsinghua both offer an IMBA as well as regular MBA, but I am quite confused as to which program would best fit my need. I am looking to maximize my Chinese proficiency and also establish network in the region, so would an IMBA fit me more or would the regular MBA do so?

3. And lastly, do foreign students really benefit from getting the Chinese MBA degree? Cuz i know plenty of people who went to Top20 in the U.S. find that MBA is pretty useless in general.

Sorry if this sounds too much of a novice question, I really can't find anything on english websites on this subject.

Thanks in advance!