Corporate Knights Magazine Ranks Sustainable MBA Programs in Canada

Schulich, Waterloo, and Concordia take the top three spots

Corporate Knights Magazine has released the 2012 edition of its rankings of the most sustainable MBA programs in Canada. This year, York - Schulich tops the list, and is followed by the University of Waterloo and Concordia - John Molson. A list of all 15 top schools can be found below.

Modeled on the sustainability rankings published by "Beyond Grey Pinstripes," Corporate Knights has been ranking Canadian MBA programs in terms of sustainability since 2003. The rankings are based on how well MBA programs according to how well they integrate sustainability into their curriculum and educational atmosphere.

To rank the programs, Corporate Knights evaluates MBA curriculum and associated research in terms of a school's focus on social, ethical and environmental stewardship. It also looks at student-led initiatives and institutional support for sustainability to determine a school's final ranking.

For more information, please see the Corporate Knights' 2012 top MBA programs ranking.

You can also read more about how rankings work in our recent article about MBA rankings.


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