Hi all,

I have 13 yrs of experience working in engg field and working at a principle level. I have worked in the US, Europe and India. I have been thinking of doing a part time MBA for last few years now. I have time and again looked at different MBA schools and can't seem to make up my mind.

1) In my case tuition fees is a big factor as I will have to take a student loan.
2) Also salary being offered after MBA will be a factor.

I would have like to try for LSE, Booth School in London, Cambridge or Oxford but their fees are eye watering.

Henley is pretty near but the reviews has not been great. Also they require access to some of my employer's details for project work. Which might not be easy to get as I am in a different role.

Hence I have narrowed myself to

1) Manchester - I have been a student hence get 20% bursary. Global MBA I am thinking
2) Warwick - Don't think they have any substantial scholarship for part time MBA. Most expensive in the list
3) Lancaster - They have some good scholarships

As mentioned I would have liked to go with a top tier business schools but fees was to high. But I still would like to go for a recognised business school for MBA.

Any feedback on
1) Support structure available within the above mentioned schools during and after the course
2) Earning Potential - Any knowns salaries in £'s. What job profiles?
3) Any benefits of going with a particular school.

Thank You