Hi Everyone,

I earned an MBA in 2009 and then proceeded directly into a PhD program at the same institution. Needless to say, I've been hanging around the business school at my university for a long time.

Since 2008 I've also managed to TA more MBA classes than seems normal or healthy, but I actually really enjoy TA?ing. Lately I began recording some of the review sessions that I conduct for the core statistics class and making the videos available online. This led to me launching a full online review course for business statistics with the idea of providing help for students who are (or will soon be) taking courses in introductory statistics and probability. The videos it contains are the online equivalents of the TA Review Sessions that I offer throughout a typical quarter.

I hope that the course can be helpful to members of this forum. If they are, I hope that you'll let me know - or, even better, write a review!

Best of luck in your applications and in school!