QS to Host Virtual and In-Person MBA and Masters Events This Fall

The series of events will take place online and in Asia, free of cost, and will include the participation of some of the top universities in the world

QS will be hosting a range of MBA and Masters events this fall, from late August to mid-December. The meetings, which are aimed mainly at MBA and Masters applicants, will allow those who partake to chat with admission representatives and alumni, attend expert panels and seminars, and meet experts from several sectors, among other possibilities. Both online and in-person attendance will be possible, depending on the location.

Some of the almost two dozen locations for the MBA events include:

Tokyo - Coming soon (Virtual)
Seoul - Coming soon (Virtual)
Beijing - 20 Aug 2022 (Virtual)
Shanghai - 21 Aug 2022 (Virtual)
Singapore - 22 Aug 2022 (Virtual)
Malaysia - 22 Aug 2022 (Virtual)
Taiwan - 23 Aug 2022 (Virtual)
Thailand & Vietnam - 25 Aug 2022 (Virtual)
Thailand & Vietnam - 25 Aug 2022 (Virtual)
Philippines - 01 Sep 2022 (Virtual)
Indonesia - 08 Sep 2022 (Virtual)
Beijing - 22 Oct 2022 (Virtual)
Shanghai - 23 Oct 2022 (Virtual)
Hong Kong - 25 Oct 2022 (Virtual)
Taiwan - 29 Oct 2022 (Virtual)
New Delhi - 01 Dec 2022 (In-Person)
Mumbai - 05 Dec 2022 (In-Person)
Bangalore - 07 Dec 2022 (In-Person)
Hyderabad - 08 Dec 2022 (In-Person)
North India - 13 Dec 2022 (Virtual)
South India - 15 Dec 2022 (Virtual)

Attendees will be also able to participate in workshops and apply to exclusive scholarships. A personal schedule for all meetings will be provided in advance.

Spots need to be reserved beforehand, as they are limited. Sign-up for the event can be done through QS' Top University website or by directly clicking here.

A detailed list with all the dates and locations, as well as in-depth information regarding the events, can be found at https://www.topuniversities.com/events/asia#qs-event-mba

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